Saturday , 22 July 2017

The July-August Issue is here!

Something for the Whole Family! Healthy Vegan Pregnancy Stories Lillycution, 12-year old YouTube sensation The Call ...


Whether you're looking to stay warm or just look cool, represent your vegan lifestyle in this apparel designed espe ...

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This flavorful loaf is perfect for the holidays or anytime you want a hearty main dish. It can be made with fresh or dried herbs. Make two l ...Read More »

How I Fuel My Body

by Vanessa Espinoza, 3-time Golden Gloves champion boxer and personal trainer. I start my morning with a big cup of matcha green with a whol ...Read More »

Never Diet Again

What would you say if I told you that you could lose weight and improve your overall health all without ever counting calories or even being ...Read More »

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