Plant Built Muscle 2013 Special Collector’s Issue


plant-built-special-edition-2013Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine presents a special edition of Plant Built Muscle! This collectors edition covers the first competition of the all-vegan Plant Built Muscle bodybuilding team in Austin Texas, where 15 vegan bodybuilders went up against 150 other competitors. The vegans dominated this event, taking home 4 overall titles, as well as 5 first place wins, 5 second place wins, 5 third place wins and a fourth place win. Members of the Plant Built Team won best male and female open bodybuilder titles, and the best male and female masters bodybuilding titles. Read all about it in this special collectors’ edition, which has diet and exercise plans from the vegans who competed, as well as some great articles on bodybuilding, supplements, and recipes too!

Order here to access the digital version and have it delivered straight to your door.


  1. Hi there, I was thrilled when I saw your Magazine “Plant-Based Muscle” at Whole Foods here in Fresno and other stores. It’ll put Joe Weider and his steroid-head puffs head out of business…duhh. I’m the organizer of the Fresno Raw Foods Group MeetUp and I’ve been into natural body building all my life. I’m also a professional Yoga Teacher (27 years) and I lift only 1 set, 8-12 reps, all the major muscle groups. I teach Yoga at 2 large gyms here in Fresno and at a beautiful Yoga Studio, and it’s awfully difficult trying to get Macho Psychotic Male bodybuilders to “cross-train” with Yoga. I use a mini-trampoline for my cardio and do Do-In (Tao-yin) self massage acupressure, self shiatzu, self reflexology etc and teach Laughter yoga (laughing for no special reasons) ROFLOL our MeetUp website is
    How does one subscribe, I don’t see a “registration” link?
    My name is Leon Catchatoorian


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