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September October 2015

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This issue has some very yummy recipes to get the autumn season started properly. Of course there is pumpkin bread, apple cobbler, and yes the yummy cherry ice cream pie featured on the cover. We have scary-great Halloween-style recipes, and some gorgeous gals show off recipes from The Lookbook Cookbook. All our recipes are always guaranteed to be super-healthy and delicious, so you can serve them to your family with love and confidence! Yes, you can eat pie and still have a six-pack like the vegan athlete on our cover!

Inside you will find a wide-variety of inspirational athletes — a couple triathletes, a few bodybuilders, an obstacle course racer, a champion NYC marathoner, even a champion competitive stair climber. Let these people inspire you to be your best! Unwind with the poses in the Yoga For Runners article, and get a better stride for your next run.

Check out our restaurant recommendations and see how it all grows at Gratitude Gardens (organic) Farm. The owners overcame cancer, and you can too! Article #1 in Dakota Decker’s series on cancer will give you the information you need.

And more, much more!

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