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Side Bar Ad

This is not your ordinary side-bar ad. If you advertise on our website, you will reach 35,000 unique visitors and benefit from our 250,000 page views per month! These are people who are really into vegan health & fitness who you will reach with information about your product --- every month--- in a place where they have come, seeking out vegan health & fitness advice & recommendations. If your product is related to veganism, health, and/or fitness, our website is a MUST for you to reach your audience. Your target audience is our audience.

There are a number of options for advertising on our website. There are seven sidebar positions on or website, the top two are static, the third through seventh rotate 2 ads in sequence. Campaigns on our site for past advertisers have topped well over a million impressions! You wont find ads on major social media platforms that provide the degree of reach to an audience seeking out information on veganism and healthy lifestyles for anywhere near these rates. Our rate structure insures that there is a space that will work for everyone, whether you're looking to publicize and event, promote a special sale, or drive traffic to your site, we have a space that will work for you.

Sidebar ads are 300 x 300 pixels. It goes without saying that the ads should advertise a vegan product, and ads will be reviewed to insure they are consistent with the content and mission of VHF Magazine.


    • 500 $ per month
    • 400 $ per month
    • 350 $ per month
    • 325 $ per month
    • 300 $ per month
    • 275 $ per month
    • 250 $ per month

    Start date must provide at least 5 business days for review and scheduling

    Provide a URL that your web ad should link to

    300x300px, 72 dpi minimum, .jpg or .png preferred

    • (max file size 50 MB)