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Summer 2018 - Vegans of Color

This special issue celebrates vegans of color, but has something for everyone!

  • Learn about the surprising health benefits of berries and then enjoy 5 yummy recipes to get more berry fun into your life!
  • There’s an accomplished yogi, a professional ballerina, a roller derby queen, and two inspirational weight-loss transformation stories, among the many featured stories that may just change your life!
  • Looking for muscle? Meet three champion vegan bodybuilders: Jehina Malik, The Vegan Monk, and Korin Sutton.
  • Follow a family on their journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro and share in the life-changing lessons they learned on the way.
  • Meet Gloria Clay, a woman who is taking on food contests and winning! She shares her award-winning Mac ’n Cheez and Strawberry Cheezecake recipes.
  • Meet a high school teacher who is bringing plant-based food, holistic healing and yoga to his students!
  • Enjoy travel stories that will take you to Los Cabos, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Argentina and four amazing cities in Europe to enjoy the best vegan options, selected by our expert travel guides!
  • There are also restaurant reviews, including a vegan Cajun joint, and even more recipes— from Kim Chi to Red Bean Curry and more!

Spring 2018 - Fit Over 40!

This issue was over two years in the making, but well worth the wait.

If you are now, or will someday be, over the age of 40, this issue is for you.  We all have questions and concerns about what will happen to our health and fitness as we age.  Are we all doomed to become sedentary and dependent on medication or is it possible to avoid all of that? This issue provides information and inspiration to help you make the most of each decade of life. Whether you want to prevent ailments, or turn them around, to make sure that you make the most of your life, we've got you covered with all the information you need.

As you age, the most important factor in enjoying life is whether you feel good.  Avoiding disease, injury and medical intervention is key. Health is true wealth!

  • Cover couple Thomas Tadlock and Brooke Goldner share their secrets for staying fit and healthy over forty!
  • As an athlete, you may wonder if you will be able to continue with the passing years.  Learn from those who are doing it, and doing it well.  Meet champion athletes Rocky Leudecker, Jennifer Argenti, Tim Van Orden, Marc Bekoff and many more athletes going strong in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s!
  • Sharon McDowell-Larsen tells you how she won the Leadwoman endurance series - a race that few people can even finish - at the young age of 57 !
  • Yogi Alese Jones shares her journey and some easy yoga poses to start you on your path to a healthier you!
  • Telomeres:What they tell us about living better & longer
  • Santino Panico tells us about his ground breaking documentary From The Ground Up
  • Plant-powered lasagna! Hot and Sour Soup! Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake! and more great healthy recipes!
  • And much, much more!

January 2018

The Fun Issue!

  • Start the year right with exercises that are fun! Let Nimai Delgado, Stephen Coote, Dr. Angie Sadeghi, Robert Cheeke, Vanessa Espinoza and our  other world famous vegan athletes and fun specialists show you how!
  • Laurelee Blanchard, the founder of Leilani Farm Sanctuary, shares the joy she feels working with animals every day
  • Find fun in travel this year!  Let our travel specialists show you where to go and what to do!
  • Fun Food!! Make meals fun, bot for yourself and for your little ones, with page after page of fun health recipes!
  • And much, much more!

November December 2017

Holiday Family Fun!

  • 16 delicious recipes to make your holiday season both healthy and delicious! Enjoy everything from vegan cheeses to center pieces to cookies and pumpkin pie for dessert!  In between entertaining, try some holiday smoothie recipes and peppermint energy bites out before/after workouts or just for fun!
  • Our columnists are some of the most sought-after speakers and authors in the vegan circuit today. Enjoy insights from vegan muscle-building experts like cover gal Vanessa Espinoza, Robert Cheeke and Will Tucker.  As if that’s not enough, be inspired by bodybuilder and entrepreneur Kourosh Namvar.
  • If you like lifting heavy things, we’ve also got a powerlifting competition (where vegans took all) for you to follow, as well as a kettlebell competition coming up that you might want to join in this coming year. Get all the information and inspiration you need right here.
  • If running is more your speed, we’ve got articles to inspire by World Champion runner and duathlete Lisa Hawthorne, favorite columnist Ray Harmony runs all the way to the altar, and Lyndy Davis is on her way to the Olympics.  
  • Travel to Mexico this winter for luxury accommodations and gourmet vegan cuisine.  Take your pick of two amazing resorts.
  • And much, much more!

September October 2017

Autumnal Fun!

Meet the compassionate death metal rock stars on the cover - Doyle Von Frankenstein and Alissa White-Gluz

Be inspired by world class athletes:

  • Sara Lee just won a World Record in the competitive world of Kettlebell Competition
  • 3x Golden Gloves Champ, Vanessa Espinoza gives you some boxing tips
  • Get tips from two winning bodybuilding bikini competitors
  • Follow Ben Dame on his exciting ultra marathon through the Gobi Dessert

Traveling to Virginia or Texas? We will tell you where to get the best vegan grub!

Do you count Macros? Two dueling trainers tell you why, or why not, counting macros can help or hinder you in reaching your goals.

This Hallow’s Eve, treat your taste buds to a Black as Night Halloween Dinner

Enjoy some great comfort-food recipes like Shepherds’ Pie, Thai Peanut Curry, BBQ Tofu with Smoky Greens and Grits, Pumpkin Muffins, Vegan Meatballs, Chocolate Cheesecake and Lemon Chiffon Lavender cheesecake and learn which teas pair best, and many more!

May June 2017

Everything You Need to Feel Beachy Keen!

  • Griff Whalen, NFL wide-receiver, and Madi Serpico, professional triathlete, are shining examples of vegan athleticism, you’re going to love getting to know them better in our pages.
  • Another impressive athlete to meet in this issue, is Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch, be inspired by this amazing cyclist and animal rights activist
  • 18 RECIPES! This is one of our most recipe-rich issues. Enjoy Pistachio Cheesecake or Creamy Thai Soup in the comfort of your kitchen
  • Interested in longevity? We’ve got you covered with The Memory Diet to beat dementia, and Raw-Vitalize with PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 Mimi Kirk, who just happens to actually be over 70!
  • Looking to make some changes? Learn how Megan Marlow went from Fat to Fit. Get beginner triathlon training tips from our Editor in Chief, Brenda Carey. And, learn how to do a handstand as your symbol of fitness, with Johannes Bartl.
  • The PowrCupl will show you that you literally can excretes anywhere with no equipment. Victoria Holder will teach you how to make amazing vegan meals anywhere-- in your camper. And, Emily Schock shows you that you can be badass no matter what they say.
  • Restaurant and travel reviews, and more!

March April 2017

This issue is a Fiesta of Fun!

  • Lots of Latin-style recipes to liven up your spring menu!
  • More recipes featuring fruit— from bowls that mimic banana splits to smoothies that add a zing to your lips!
  • Bonus: recipe for the best muffins we’ve ever tasted!
  • Overcome any challenge with the inspiration from articles by Cameron Bigger, who dealt with mental institutions and jail time, Adam Sud, who lost 160 pounds and kicked his addictions, and Amy Carter who overcame a mystery illness and left the wheelchair behind when she chose to let food be her medicine.
  • Learn how to veganize your cultural norms by hearing the stories of Wilfredo Benitez, Vanessa Espinoza and Victor Ivan Barragan— three inspirational Latinos who took their popular family recipes to a new level of health and wellness, while maintaining the taste everyone loves.
  • Pamela Popper, PhD, N.D. answers your toughest questions about Blue Zones, and “Is fish a health food?”
  • Learn proper form for the most important exercises in the gym with personal trainer Alex Ciccone
  • Cover gal Carolyn Scott-Hamilton shares her story of seeking answers and greater vegan food fun by becoming a nutritionist and a chef, just for her own knowledge— but these days she pays it forward in her cookbooks and vegan travel adventures in exotic locations you will love!
  • Robin Tierney gives us the scoop on the vegan scene in Tampa. Learn where to eat and where to exercise for that vegan health and fitness lifestyle in this up-and-coming city in sunny Florida.
  • Trek the El Camino de Santiago in Spain this summer. Molly Conley tells you where to stay and where to eat along the way, on a budget.
  • The final article in the Annika Lundqvist series on Meet the Vegan Parents features Michelle Carrera of Chilis on Wheels.
  • On top of all that there are restaurant reviews, product awards, tips for cyclists, ultra runners, triathletes and more.

January February 2017

This issue celebrates young vegans and what lies ahead!

• Recipes that even folks who don’t like “healthy” food will love: pumpkin pancakes, chili, pizza, sushi, onion rings, burgers, cookies— even donuts!
• Interviews with young vegans who are using social media to reach their peers as never before.
• Be inspired by vegan pro triathlete champ Madi Serpico, ultra runner Dan Carter, Ironman Jackson Foster, triathlete, marathoner and ultra distance champ Ben Dame, duathlete Lisa Gawthorne and IFBB pro bodybuilder Jahina Malik.
• Enjoy travel articles on Jamaica, New Paltz, NY and feature on travel bloggers who have been everywhere!
• Reviews of Eco Vegan Hiking Boots, restaurants, resorts, and the best vegan powders.
• Meet the Vegan Parents series of articles features mom Felicia Greenfield, who is also an actress and non profit director.
• Be inspired by our columnists-- Ray Harmony on running, Wilfredo Benitez on trying new foods this year, and Robert Cheeke on what’s new in the world of vegan bodybuilding.
• Be reminded to visit your local farm animal sanctuary for inspiration and enrichment this year!

November December 2016

This holiday family love issue is chock full of goodies!

  • Recipes for your holiday feast that the whole family will love, including several centerpiece-worthy beauties
  • Editor’s Picks for the best new products of 2016, many that will fit nicely into your holiday celebrations
  • Get tips on reaching your athletic goals, whether you are trying to lose some weight, overcoming an injury, trying out or improving your kettlebell workout, or getting inspired to try parkour or just go for a daily run.  This issue has a wide variety of information and inspiration for all sorts of athletes at all levels.
  • More parent features in our ongoing Meet the Vegan Parents series.  Learn how to raise your child vegan.
  • Meet our cover couple, Dr. Michael Klaper (a high-profile vegan doc who has appeared in films and informative videos) and his lovely wife, Alese Jones (a yoga instructor with her own DVDs also).  Both are fitness and health icons.  We celebrate their romance that occurred later in life.  This couple that glows with vitality and love have a lot of years of happiness to go.  Learn more about them and their romance.
  • Travel features on Austria, The South of France, cruise the Caribbean, and a tour around the country in a van.
  • Be inspired by champion vegan bodybuilders, acro yogis, and break dancers.
  • Get tips on enjoying life more from the gorgeous, 86-year-young vegan role model, Josephine Gobreville.
  • and more!

September October 2016

This autumn, enjoy all the season has to offer!

  • Get some great recipes to share with family, from tacos to pumpkin mousse to noodle salad and nut butter cookies, and more!
  • Meet several vegan parents who share tips for raising healthy, compassionate kids in a modern world.
  • Learn how to celebrate halloween with your kids in a fun and healthy way.
  • Be inspired by Rob and Sherrie Moon Zombie who make their living playing with horror, but are compassionate to animals in real life.
  • Get the results of the 4.4.16 Vegan Global Run and get ready for the next one coming up in November!
  • Enjoy gorgeous poses from Acro Yogis Max and Liz.
  • Get excited about the changing face of the animal rights movement.
  • Learn about 3 important foods that improve exercise performance.
  • Be inspired by Eli Odhen to be your best and influence your non vegan friends too.
  • Meet the man who is likely the top ultra marathoner in the world, Vlad Ixel.
  • Get tips from vegan bodybuilders/competitors.
  • Enjoy travel features and restaurant reviews.

July August 2016

We know the cover image of this magazine makes you want this issue.

  • You will be delighted to know that inside there is a 12 page spread featuring our cover stars Barny Du Plessis and Josie Keck where you will learn all about their commitment to the vegan lifestyle, their workouts and their diet plans.
  • Another big fitness star is also featured in this issue— Jennifer Nicole Lee is interviewed by vegan fitness model Mindy Collette. Learn how Jennifer Nicole Lee eats and trains to have a super fitness model body worthy of over 90 magazine covers!
  • There are also lots of fun articles to assist your vegan travels, whether you find yourself in Hawaii, Virginia, Europe or trotting the whole globe with the bloggers of
  • Yummy recipes abound for summer freshness using ingredients such as mint leaves, spiraled veggie noodles, or a sweet cacao porridge.
  • Meet vegan families who eat and workout together.

Athletes, such as a top motocross racer and Catch Wrestlers all thriving on their plant-based diets.

  • Finish it up with 10 tips for the best day hiking ever and you have everything you need for a phenomenally healthy and fun summer!

May-June 2016

This issue has some very important articles to inform, uplift and inspire.

  • Get to know the controversial CEO of Whole Foods Market gracing our cover.
  • Rip Esselstyn of Engine 2 tells us about his new projects you won’t want to miss.
  • Workout information: whether you’re out running trails or hitting the gym we’ve got tips to help you make the most of your workout.
  • “Running from Depression” is one of our favorite articles ever-- very inspirational.
  • Lift some weights with Robert Cheeke and workout buddy Vanessa Espinoza.
  • Tips for raising healthy kids from Model Mom, Monica Parodi.
  • Lots of recipes from top chefs. Enjoy green smoothies burgers, tacos, pasta and more—all healthy and delicious for the whole family!
  • You will also find travel articles, restaurant reviews and even an article on making money!

March-April 2016

Doctors recommend this issue!

  • Cover models Dr. Garth Davis and Dr. Brooke Goldner are M.D.s and best-selling authors of books on plant-based nutrition. Both have used vegan nutrition to heal themselves, and have gone beyond surviving to thriving as athletes. They are also raising their children on a plant-based diet and have lots of tips for you and your family.
  • You will also find 18 yummy recipes inside that will please your taste buds and make you super-healthy! Whether you want fresh ideas for cleansing salads, or want to increase the nutrients in your brownies with goji berries and other healthy ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Find your family favorites in this issue!
  • Get inspired and get tips from vegan athletes who cycle, box, practice yoga, lift weights, run, roller skate, and compete in obstacle courses.
  • Learn about upcoming events such as the Vegan Global Run and numerous Vegan Festivals in the UK.
  • Read about some of the world’s best vegan restaurants and travel destinations. Let us help you make plans to celebrate health and vitality, vegan-style.

January-February 2016

This issue features three-time cover guy and reader favorite Robert Cheeke on the cover with his lovely girlfriend Karen Oxley, making her cover debut. Inside find out how they manage to travel all over the world spreading inspiration and vegan fitness wisdom, while having fun in the process. Robert also inspires us to start the New Year right in his column article.

Learn more about the connection of mind-body-spirit in articles by authors Cynthia Morgan and Ryan Muetzel.

Meet the Vegan Global Runners from the 10.10.15 race. See where they ran and hear about their experiences, then join us for the next one!

Meet the champion Vegan Beef bodybuilding team. Read their diet and exercise plans in detail, and let them inspire you to build your best body this year!

Check out some awesome super-healthy recipes from the Natural Epicurean Culinary Institute, including pizza, lasagna, soup and more!

NYC restaurant reviews, vegan travel guide to Guatemala, and tips from a top vegan personal chef that you can use in your own kitchen!

Be your best self this year! Let us inspire and help you every step of the way!

November-December 2015

Everything you need for the happiest, healthiest holiday ever!

  • Get to know our cover models, who are more than just pretty faces. Vegan role models, athletes, and entrepreneurs— they have a lot to teach.
  • Sixteen, delicious, healthful, crowd-pleasing holiday recipes including several amazing vegan centerpiece dishes. From appetizers to snacks to desserts, raw and cooked, even homemade doggie biscuits, nobody goes away from our celebration without feasting! Enjoy, guilt-free!
  • Lower back feeling sore from the festivities? Get back into the swing of things with yoga poses for the lower back.
  • Have you heard about Palm Oil? Get the scoop on what all the fuss is about.
  • Cancer concerns? Part two in an ongoing series on this, often mysterious, illness uncovers carcinogens your family will want to avoid.
  • Other vegan athletes abound in this issue to inspire you in every way. We’ve got a stuntwoman, cyclists, and bodybuilders from all over the world inspire you to get active and have fun!
  • As columnist and “Model Mom” Monica Parodi says— give your family the gift of health this holiday season.

September-October 2015

This issue has some very yummy recipes and inspirational articles to get the autumn season started properly.

  • Of course there is pumpkin bread, apple cobbler, and yes the yummy cherry ice cream pie featured on the cover.
  • We have scary-great Halloween-style recipes, and some gorgeous gals show off recipes from The Lookbook Cookbook. All our recipes are always guaranteed to be super-healthy and delicious, so you can serve them to your family with love and confidence! Yes, you can eat pie and still have a six-pack like the vegan athlete on our cover!
  • As always, our pages feature a wide-variety of inspirational athletes — in this issue you will find a couple triathletes, a few bodybuilders, an obstacle course racer, a champion NYC marathoner, even a champion competitive stair climber. Let these people inspire you to be your best!
  • Unwind with the poses in the Yoga For Runners article, and get a better stride for your next run.
  • Check out our restaurant recommendations and see how it all grows at Gratitude Gardens (organic) Farm. The owners overcame cancer, and you can too! Article #1 in Dakota Decker’s series on cancer will give you all the information you need.

And more, much more!

July-August 2015

This holistic health issue has a little something for everyone!

  • Learn how to “lean into” improving your diet and your life with best-selling author and holistic wellness expert Kathy Freston
  • Not vegan yet? We’ve got your step-by-step plan for success in going, and staying vegan
  • Get a great back workout with champion pro bodybuilder Torre Washington and his best friend, a BadAss vegan named John Lewis
  • Learn how to sprint faster with future Olympian sprinter Charles Parker, and how to run without injury from ultra marathoner Austin Barbisch
  • Learn how to make great vegan s’mores and more from 2 kids who just love Vegan Summer Camp!
  • Get some great ideas for vegan travel (Hawaii, San Antonio, Italy, or your own backyard!)
  • Learn how to use those ropes you see laying around at the gym to get a great workout with champion figure competitor Tiffany Burich
  • Impress your guests with recipes like Pesto Raw-sta Primavera or savory cooked Sea Shepherd’s Pie!

May-June 2015

  • Our cover gal is one of the top female race car drivers in the world.  She has a vegan and eco-friendly message that is reaching a whole new crowd!
  • As the cover promises, we have scientific information on how to cure menstrual cramps!  These herbal teas work wonders!
  • Have you heard the buzz about nitrates in vegetables giving athletes a performance boost?  We get to the bottom of if and give you a list of the best vegetables to put in your training diet.  Hint: there are some surprises and probably some foods you didn’t know would benefit you so much!
  • Read the results from the first ever Vegan Global Run (as reported to us by the time we went to print), along with photos of athletes from all over the world who ran together in vegan love!
  • Get the buzz on honey.  Why don’t vegans eat honey?  We investigate and bring you information you may not have heard before.
  • Columns on topics like vegan travel, vegan moms and our fabulous mature herbivores!
  • Lots of yummy and healthy recipes!
  • Workout with fitness model Mindy Collette— yoga with a fun new twist using a new fitness gadget!

March-April 2015

  • Davey Havok, PETA’s sexiest male celeb on the cover, tells us about his life as a vegan straight-edge musician, author and actor.  Bonus: pages and pages of editorial photos of Davey.
  • Tips from a winning ultra marathoner on how to be the best runner you can be!
  • And lost more inspirational vegan athletes, sharing tips as always!
  • Advice from our Model Mom on raising healthy, happy, vegan kids.
  • Recipes for sports drinks, smoothies, date bars, and banana custard.
  • Feature on Primarily Primates Sanctuary, we meet some of the residents who have been rescued from labs, zoos, entertainment and the pet trade.

January - February 2015

  • Baywatch star and serious athlete, Alexandra Paul, is featured on the cover, with an eye-opening interview about her ongoing activism for animals and the planet.
  • Meet the folks behind the super-successful blog and, now, cookbook, Thug Kitchen
  • Be inspired by our special swimsuit section featuring 15 real vegan athletes.  Get the scoop on what they eat and how they train-- just in time to plan your body's  best, fittest year ever.  Recipes included.
  • Interview with Travis Barker of Blink 182.
  • Get to know three time golden glove boxing champion Vanessa Espinoza.
  • Inspirational articles to help you make the most of your new year from your favorite columnists, Robert Cheeke (champion bodybuilder) and Monica Parodi (Model Mom).

November - December 2014

Our Holiday Family Issue! Featuring Dr. Brooke Goldner, Thomas Tadlock, and their super- healthy vegan children, Solomon and Alex.

  • Editor's Picks For Great Gifts
  • Living Simply, Vegan Yoga Punk Style
  • The Science Behind B12
  • 1 Awesome Exercise that will Transform Your Body!
  • Tips from the Tadlock family on how to balance work raising a healthy family, and personal fitness

September - October 2014

This issue is packed with great stories of transformation, perspiration, and inspiration!

  • Meet Straight Edge Punk fitness leaders– Ed Bauer, Holly Works, John Joseph of the Cro Mags, and more.
  • Learn about the potential pitfalls of commercial dog food, and how to make healthy treats and meals for your pooch
  • Vegan Muscle! Vegan bodybuilders, powerlifters, and cross-fitters descend on Austin, Texas for the Naturally Fit Supershow once again! Get the results here.
  • Yoga poses for strength from the, Dallas McCullogh Vegan Yoga Punk.
  • Super-yummy pizza recipes that are as good for you as they are delicious!
  • Take the guesswork out of how to have a healthy Halloween with your kids. We give you all you need to make it happen this year!

July - August 2014

Meet the Mega Planthletes!This is perhaps our most inspirational issue ever!

  • You will meet some very impressive multi-sport athletes in this issue. They’re strong, they’re fast, they hold world records. Let them inspire you to take it to the next level in your athletic pursuits too!
  • Champion rowers, body builders, and runners and more do it on a plant based diet
  • For instance, be inspired by a pregnant marathoner, a couple in their 70s who ran 365 marathons last year, a fitness model mommy and an acupuncturist who is also a champion martial artist.
  • Get great recipes, workouts and tips from the pros. Learn what to eat and how to train to meet your fitness goals like never before!

May - June 2014

Our Chef's Issue!

  • Profiles, interviews, and best of all, recipes from more than a dozen of your favorite vegan chefs around the world, including Jason Wrobel, Matthew Kenny, Chef AJ, Karen Osbourne, Zel Allen, Avi-Jean Levy and more.
  • Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell, PhD - Perhaps our favorite book of all time, why you must read it
  • Did you know you will probably consume over 100,000 meals in your lifetime? Robert Cheeke gives you tips and advice for keeping those meals interesting and healthy.
  • Great advice from professional volleyball player Russ Marchewka on how to optimize energy.
  • The best yoga poses to aid digestion!

March - April 2014

Inside this issue you will meet amazing plant-based athletes from across the globe, find advice on raising a vegan family, and as always, great recipes, training tips and more!

  • Meet vegan pro footballer Neil Robinson, and find out how he keeps in such great shape
  • Vegan bodybuilding champion Samantha Shorkey tells us how she gets ready for competition
  • Bonebreaker Mike – the former professional wrestler and self-professed “World’s Most Unlikely Vegan” – talks about the power of compassion
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell discusses the science supporting a vegan diet as a cure for the obesity epidemic
  • Tips on raising a vegan family from JoAnn Farb and Monica Parodi
  • Over a dozen delicious vegan recipes.

January - February 2014

Get inspired to be lean and green in the new year!

  • Cover models Mindy Collette and Robert CHeeke, top vegan fitness experts, share tips for making this your best year ever.
  • How to veganize a non-vegan meal plan
  • How to get abundant energy.
  • Workout with champion Figure Competitor Jaclyn Gough.
  • The Ultimate Wellness Getaway review of Hippocrates Health Institute in FLorida.
  • Learn how to beat diseases such as lupus, cancer, and obesity!
  • Delicious vegan recipes, as always.


November - December 2013

This holiday issue focuses on family!

  • Read about over a dozen inspirational vegan families, including the families of many familiar vegan health leaders such as T. Colin Campbell, Dr. John McDougall, Rip and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, John and Ocean Robbins and many more!
  • Meet Fiona Oakes, an amazing endurance athlete who is shattering records all over the worl. Learn how she gets her inspiration from the 400 animals at the sanctuary she calls home.
  • Meet Torre Washington, the lifelong vegetarian and 15-year vegan bodybuilder racking up wins and pro-cards.
  • An amazing all-vegan ultra-marathon in Germany on the B-12 highway.
  • Enjoy articles on childhood nutrition and exercise.
  • Top it off with over 16 delicious vegan recipes for your celebrations, including pumpkin pie, tarts, great soups, and appetizers!

Special Edition: Plant Built Muscle bodybuilding issue

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine presents this collectors edition, which covers the first competition of the all-vegan Plant Built Muscle bodybuilding team. 15 vegan bodybuilders went up against 150 other competitors. The vegans dominated this event, taking home 4 overall titles, as well as 5 first place wins, 5 second place wins, 5 third place wins and a fourth place win. Members of the Plant Built Team won best male and female Open Bodybuilder titles, and the best male and female Masters Bodybuilding titles. Get diet and exercise plans from the vegans who competed, as well as lots of great articles on bodybuilding, supplements, and recipes!

Summer 2013

Another great collectors issue, this is the last issue when we were quarterly. Featuring dynamic Hollywood presonalities on the cover. inside find a wide range of content

  • Recipes to liven up and cool down your summer, from soup to black bean brownies.
  • Interviews with 2 champion rowers, both over 60 (one of whom overcame the symptoms of cancer treatment by going vegan, the other set a world record)!
  • An interview with an amazing artist with a wheelchair workout to boot!
  • An eco-friendly vegan swimsuit section
  • The whole truth on how to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner by a top vegan doctor who specializes in obesity.
  • Lots of fun couples’ yoga poses to try out with your summer lover and more!

Spring 2013

A rare early issue that is not sold out! Snap it up while you have the chance. Yes that is NBA legend John Salley levitating above a basketball (as all level 10 vegans frequently do - interview inside)

  • Also, check out our best tips for slimming down and toning up from top vegan trainers and swimsuit competitors.
  • Get ready to show off your vegan fitness at the beach this summer!
  • Enjoy the change in the weather and exercise outdoors with Robert Cheeke.

Try some playful yoga poses on the beach with Koya Webb.

  • Find out what Engine 2 Diet author Rip Esselstyn is up to lately, as well.

This issue also features 3 articles with advice from doctors you can trust. And much more!

Winter 2012

This Winter Issue has fantastic interviews with famed ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, champion cyclist Cat Johnson, fitness legend Spice Williams-Crosby, and a crossfit duo from the Kale Mafia! There are holiday recipes, tips on avoiding cold and flu, we even got you Frank Medrano’s diet and workout and much, much more!

Fall 2012

Workout with vegan calisthenics superstar Frank Medrano, and get training advice from top vegan trainer Melissa Brey!

There is also an amazing interview with Phil Collen, the legendary guitarist of Def Leppard, on what it was like being a veg rocker for almost 30 years. Phil is an amazing martial artist, and is one of the fittest, most muscular musicians on the road – he shares some of his secrets for how he stays so healthy.

Also in this issue are some great fall recipes, articles on the latest science regarding vitamin B12, how a vegan diet can help keep your bones healthy, advice on growing up vegan, and much more!

Summer 2012

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine’s first issue! A must-have for collectors, this issue is chock full of amazing, never-before-seen content on vegan athletics and nutrition. A lot has changed with the art and format since that first issue, which features extra large print. This issue represents our roots, and the beginning of something that would grow into a more polished version shortly thereafter.

We chose Robert Cheeke for the cover of the first issue, because he was the first, and at that time only, author of a book on vegan bodybuilding, and the founder of the groundbreaking website, the most recognizable vegan bodybuilder in the world. He chose Koya Webb, who is also an amazing vegan athlete, to join him on that cover. Inside are interviews with these cover models, as well as, Dan Pirarro, the amazing artist behind the Bizarro comic strip, numerous workout and fitness articles, recipes, scientific information, and more!