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  1. I like your down I like your down home common sense apcpraoh. Thanks John! I have had great success on the raw food diet. I was in line for surgery and thought I would try it as a last hope option. Totally cured that problem. Still working on some other health issues. But I definately feel like I am moving in the right direction. Thanks for the encouragement. Do you believe that a 100 percent raw diet eaten corrected is the very best if a person does it sanely and happily? Merry Christmas! Was this answer helpful?

  2. wow, obivous to wow, obivous to everyone here you are a meat eater, look at that anger.Doesn’t matter what kind of animal protein it is, raw, grass fed, whatever, your body will go through leukocytosis EVERYTIME you eat it. That is your body’s way of telling you, you are eating poison. simple really.and the fact that you take any advice from doctors. lol. come on. everyone here knows better then to listen to a pharmaceutical slave. Was this answer helpful?


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