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For those who don’t know, my name is Bonebreaker, aka Big Bald Mike, and I love animals. I’m a big, bad dude that throws around heavy ass weights in the gym and also snuggles cute, fuzzy bunnies. That is not a joke. I own the heaviest, most terrifying, iron-pounding barbell gym in the world (Bonebreaker Barbell) and not far outside of the gym you will find a sweet little rabbit hutch with my two princess bunnies—a poofy white bunny named Snowflake, and the most people- friendly little floppy eared black bunny named Black Sabbath, or “Sabby” for short. Hell yeah, I love my bunnies and I would beat someone to fine bone powder if they ever messed with my girls. In fact, I have to resist the urge DAILY to go kick some ass on the behalf of every animal that I hear is mistreated. Thankfully, I have found a more compassionate approach to being a warrior for our fuzzy friends without having to resort to punting bow hunters across a field.

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I come from an area of Texas where most people only care to talk about BBQ, arm wrestling, and “shootin’ deer and drankin’ beer.” I’m pretty hillbilly and redneck myself honestly, in my demeanor but not in my core values. Growing up in an area of the South where racism, sexism, and hunting all go hand in hand, I realize that I am very out of place, and never fit in with the locals. Even before I went vegan, I did plenty of BBQin’, definitely drank plenty of beer—but NEVER in my life did I ever par- ticipate in hunting. I thought it was the dumbest shit I’d ever heard of, because these dudes weren’t going out in the woods starving like Rambo for days tracking a hog. They were just a bunch of scared men that felt pressure to act manly by shooting a defenseless animal in the face. But these guys would come back to the local water- ing hole and want to talk about how they were “in touch” with nature, and sooner or later they would rip on me for not wanting to hunt. And then a challenge to arm wrestle would come up— and I would DESTROY these guys. This was kind of my first realization of some things about what a real man is. But I had not found my calling yet for using my strength to help others.

Fast-forward a few years...

In January 2009, I had just ended a 4-year drug and alcohol addiction that cost me about $200-300 per day. I was completely lost. I had suffered brain damage from a drug overdose. But instead of go- ing into rehab, I became a professional wrestler. My health slowly started to improve (I weighed about 500 lbs), but I was still eating a lot of meat. One month into my wrestling training, I met a girl who showed me a video of the egg industry throwing male baby chickens into a meat grinder still ALIVE.


I was so outraged, I immediately wanted to do anything I could to end that violence to these innocent creatures! Hell yeah, that’s what a REAL man does! Well, as soon as word got out on the internet that a 500 lb. wrestler from Texas stopped eating meat, all kinds of media attention came my way, and I truly believed that I had found my passion and purpose in life. But I still hadn’t properly healed from my prior addictions, and broke my neck while training as a wrestler. At the same time, my passion for wanting to help save animals overpowered everything else in my life, so I decided that I was going to go back to my roots. And so, at the age of 30 I opened a badass, heavy duty, old school gym. I returned to my roots, meaning that my favorite past time, since 1991, was lifting weights. But this time the training was all plant-based.

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Since that day when I decided to stop eating meat, I have to honestly say that I have gained so much strength, both physically and spiritually. The rest of my years I plan on giving back to whom I have taken so much, and dammit THAT is how you have to think when you are a warrior for those who cannot speak for themselves. I train men and women to be stronger than they’ve ever been in their lives. Nobody and I mean NOBODY trains at Bonebreaker Barbell without having a personal best on a lift or previously unthinkable goal. My gift is encouragement, to get into your soul and give you all the fire and power that I have so that you can be your best. When the purpose of serving as a vegan warrior is fulfilled, no high can compare. It is a service to animals, our environment and humanity.

This Vegan Freak of Nature (as I am known) will stand firmly with you along your journey to develop and use your inner and outer strength to help others. Contact me via Facebook I’ll be more than happy to share training techniques, mindset focus, and muscle-building recipes to get you on your way to being a hardcore vegan warrior!

Hell yeah,



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