The November December Issue is here!



Everything you need for the best holiday season ever!

Sixteen, delicious, healthful, crowd-pleasing holiday recipes including several amazing vegan centerpiece dishes. From appetizers to snacks to desserts, raw and cooked, even homemade doggie biscuits, nobody goes away from our celebration without feasting! Enjoy, guilt-free!

Get to know our cover models, who are more than just pretty faces. Vegan role models, athletes, and entrepreneurs— they have a lot to teach. Other vegan athletes abound to inspire you in every way. We’ve got a stuntwoman, cyclists, bodybuilders from all over the world to inspire you to get active and have fun!

Lower back feeling sore from the festivities? Get back into the swing of things with yoga poses for the lower back.

Have you heard about Palm Oil? Get the scoop on what all the fuss is about.

Cancer concerns? Part two in an ongoing series on this, often mysterious, illness uncovers carcinogens your family will want to avoid. As columnist and “Model Mom” Monica Parodi says— give your family the gift of health this holiday season. This issue has got everything you need to have the happiest, healthiest holiday ever!

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