March April 2016


Cover MarApr16 (Custom)

Doctors recommend this issue! Cover models Dr. Garth Davis and Dr. Brooke Goldner are M.D.s and best-selling authors of books on plant-based nutrition. Both have used vegan nutrition to heal themselves, and have gone beyond surviving to thriving as athletes. They are also raising their children on a plant-based diet and have lots of tips for you and your family.

You will also find 18 yummy recipes inside that will please your taste buds and make you super-healthy! Whether you want fresh ideas for cleansing salads, or want to increase the nutrients in your brownies with goji berries and other healthy ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Find your family favorites in this issue!

Get inspired and get tips from vegan athletes who cycle, box, practice yoga, lift weights, run, roller skate, and compete in obstacle courses.

Learn about upcoming events such as the Vegan Global Run and numerous Vegan Festivals in the UK. Read about some of the world’s best vegan restaurants and travel destinations. Helpful information is provided to help you make plans to celebrate health and vitality, vegan-style.

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