May June 2016


MAY_JUN COVERThis issue has some very important articles to inform, uplift and inspire.

- Get to know the controversial CEO of Whole Foods Market gracing our cover.

- Rip Esselstyn of Engine 2 tells us about his new projects you won’t want to miss out on.

- Workout information: whether you’re out running trails or hitting the gym we’ve got you covered.

- “Running from Depression” is one of our favorite articles ever-- very inspirational.

- Lift some weights with Robert Cheeke and workout buddy Vanessa Espinoza

- Tips for raising healthy kids from Model Mom, Monica Parodi

- Lots of recipes from top chefs. Enjoy green smoothies burgers, tacos, pasta and more—all healthy and delicious for the whole family!

- You will also find travel articles, restaurant reviews and even an article on making money!

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