David Bridges is Healed


story written by David's mother

David before


My son fought against multiple medical conditions for many years before we met Dr. G and learned of a complete lifestyle change that would finally heal him for good.

When he was 15 years old, my son David developed strep throat.  His doctor asked if he was allergic to penicillin. David had never taken the medication before, so we were unsure if he would have any allergic reactions.  The doctor swabbed his mouth and concluded that David was fine to proceed taking the drug.  Little did we know, after he took the medication his body would experience many negative symptoms that started with a simple nose bleed and then a temperature of 106F (42C).  It then progressed to severely swollen hands and feet, a severe rash (butterfly rash) on his face and chest, arthritis, puss coming out of his face, and hair loss.  He had several diagnoses that year. They eventually concluded that he had low-grade symptoms of Lupus. The entire diagnosis included: Systemic Lupus, Scleroderma, and Sjogrens Syndrome.

When he was 21-years-old, his ankles became very swollen.  He was on a steroid called Methotrexate, which aids in slowing down an over-active immune system.  It actually weakens the immune system.  His ankles were very swollen, making walking difficult.  One night he got up to go to the bathroom and vividly remembers scratching his right leg against a metal bed spring.  It didn’t feel like it cut through the skin, so he went to the bathroom and proceeded to go back to bed.  The next day he saw a small dot on his skin, barely recognizable, and thought nothing of it.  His swollen ankles needed to be elevated for about two-to-three bed-bound days. 

Our relatives were visiting that summer and there was a lot going on. In those two-to-three days a flesh-eating bacteria (necrotizing fasciitis of the leg) had infected the scar and traveled from his ankle almost to the knee cap.   He spent four months in six different hospitals and a convalescent hospital.  

Before the convalescent hospital, he suffered a seizure and was placed on medication (Dilantin), which caused the skin on his face to slough. (the skin falls off and the layers underneath are revealed like a burn victim).  He spent a little time in ICU just before they cut off the bacterium from his leg. It took three surgeries to secure a skin graft to his right leg.  The doctors thought the procedure would be problematic because skin grafts usually don’t take to individuals with autoimmune conditions, but the procedure turned out to be a success.  

After his three-month hospital stay they moved him to a rehabilitation hospital.  He spent a month there, gaining strength back into his arms and retraining his legs to walk again.  When you haven’t walked in three months, the legs atrophy and circulation to the feet is all but gone.  After spending his last month in the hospital, he emerged from the sliding doors, walker in his hands, feeling the breeze outside for the first time in quite a while.  However, he would need to spend the next year at home rehabilitating his legs.  He recovered well enough to continue his schooling the following summer.

At age 28, there were more problems. The disease Scleroderma attacks and constricts circulation in the body. Fingers and toes are affected the most, probably because they are the farthest from the heart.  Towards the end of May 2012, lack of circulation caused an infection in his fingers.  He was taking medication to fight off the infection and he also started taking a pain med, because once an infection gets under the skin it grows and causes an intense amount of pressure to the fingers and sometimes the entire hand.  He started taking Vicodin and threw up three meals in a day.   The next morning he stopped taking the pain medication, but felt immensely sick.  As I recall, his whole body felt weak, his energy was totally deprived.  He told me that his back felt like it was out.  For three days straight he would only really sit up to eat and he would then go back and rest.  His back was too weak to hold his weight.  There were a multitude of symptoms happening one after the other.

The most painful symptom was the infection in his fingers.  At times it would cut off most of the circulation to the infected fingers.  He told me it was something like having frostbite in your fingers.  He also had open sores on his face and fingers, a rash on his chest, nerve twinges in his lower back (another back incident), and sores inside his mouth.  But no matter all that we’ve travailed, God is still good, because just as he was going through this, we met an angel in Doctor G.

David after

I originally met Dr. G through a seminar she was giving about her clinical practice.  Dr. G spoke about her personal trials with Lupus and how, through an accidental discovery, she eliminated the autoimmune disease from her body.  I set up an appointment with Dr. G via Skype where she gave us information suggesting that I should ridiculously increase the amount of nutrition put into my son’s body and eliminate the foods producing inflammation.  

I listened to all the information she gave us, but did not quite rid the meat from our diets right away.  The increased amount of nutrition he was receiving on a daily basis began to help my son’s body to heal itself, and gave me clarity of mind.

My son had been sickly since the age of 15. He has now been eating very healthy for three years, and several months ago he decided to eliminate meat from his diet and become a vegan.  After becoming a vegan his body healed itself even faster than before.  

He now has energy he’s never had.  A lot of people get tired from the eating in the middle of the day, but the food he eats now never takes his energy, it only gives him more.  His skin is clearing up at an incredibly fast rate too.  

In the three-year process of improving his diet, David has gotten off all of his medications.  He is feeling the best he has ever felt in his life and is accomplishing his personal goals as well.  He once had a disability, and now he works with people that have disabilities. David also does graphic design and creates beautiful paintings.

We just want to give a big thanks to Dr. G. She gave us hope and you can’t put a price on hope.


  1. Mrs. Bridges,
    Thank you for writing your story and educating the public regrading the various health issues your son has battled over the years. But more importantly, your story conveys the hope that you held onto, and at the appointed time your son’s successful outcome and victory he has received. Through your perseverance and providential appointment with Dr. G, it is indubitable that you were meant to meet her via her clinical practice seminar.

    Having followed the suggestion of changing your son’s former way of eating to the vegan diet, I imagine his current regime includes organic vegetables and fresh juices among other absent free additives and preservatives foods. Also, if you haven’t visited Whole Foods Market for the best in vegan products, you might want to do so; it’s a sure investment that will increase your dividends.

    You mentioned that your son now helps other people with disabilities. It must be a blessing to have someone who understands the challenges that another one faces. You mentioned your son’s gifts and talents of graphic design and paintings. has he considered pursuing that option or will he remain in the field of reaching his audience with people that have disabilities? Thank you for sharing your story. You are a persistent and patient Mom.


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