May June 2017


Everything You Need to Feel Beachy Keen!

  • Griff Whalen, NFL wide-receiver, and Madi Serpico, professional triathlete, are shining examples of vegan athleticism, you’re going to love getting to know them better in our pages.
  • Another impressive athlete to meet in this issue, is Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch, be inspired by this amazing cyclist and animal rights activist
  • 18 RECIPES! This is one of our most recipe-rich issues. Enjoy Pistachio Cheesecake or Creamy Thai Soup in the comfort of your kitchen
  • Interested in longevity? We’ve got you covered with The Memory Diet to beat dementia, and Raw-Vitalize with PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 Mimi Kirk, who just happens to actually be over 70!
  • Looking to make some changes? Learn how Megan Marlow went from Fat to Fit. Get beginner triathlon training tips from our Editor in Chief, Brenda Carey. And, learn how to do a handstand as your symbol of fitness, with Johannes Bartl.
  • The PowrCupl will show you that you literally can excretes anywhere with no equipment. Victoria Holder will teach you how to make amazing vegan meals anywhere-- in your camper. And, Emily Schock shows you that you can be badass no matter what they say.
  • Restaurant and travel reviews, and more!

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