Brian Acree, Managing Editor


Brian Acree has been working closely with founder, Brenda Carey, since the inception of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine.  Brian began with running the website, he created the database for storing our most important information, and provided much appreciated technical support for the founder and ongoing creator of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine.  His duties have increased as the magazine has grown. Brian also works closely with staff, handles mailing logistics, and is just an all-around fun guy to have around as he is known for having a meme for everything. 

Brian lives the Vegan Health & Fitness lifestyle as he makes exercise a part of his daily lifestyle. Although he would never brag about his accomplishments, he has not had time to write his own bio, so we will have to put up with some third party bragging here—Brian was a track star in high school and set some rather impressive state records in track.  These days he is an ultra marathoner and has completed numerous races from 50k to relays over 350k.  He has recently started dabbling in triathlon training, but prefers running (and hates running at the same time).  Brian also enjoys weight training and hiking in the great outdoors. 

Brian has been vegan for 17 years and was vegetarian for about 6 years before that.  Brian is a proud daddy to his fur children—2 cats, Straytham and Irina, and 2 dogs, Junior and Coco. There is also a kitty family that he has just participated in rescuing that is lobbying for adoption.  Brian is a former Humane Officer and co-founder of the Bureau of Humane Law Enforcement where he participated in training other Humane Officers and was legal counsel for the group.  Brian has also been an Environmental Attorney for 19 years and continues to practice law, fighting to protect consumers from toxic chemicals. This along with his extensive duties with Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine makes Brian a busy guy--too busy to even write his own bio. 




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