Wilfredo Benitez, Contributor


Wilfredo, or Will as he often goes by, is a vegan nutritionist and runner in Portland, Oregon. Will has thrived while enjoying a plant-based lifestyle and loves promoting this lifestyle whenever he can, whether that's when teaching kids how to cook healthful and delicious plant-based meals or even when working with professional athletes, showing them how to approach their fitness and training with more plant-based foods in their diet. When Will is not running or writing, he is busy helping individuals within Portland and around the country improve their health, wellness, and even their athletic performance by optimizing their nutrition. He does this through his nutrition practice, On Pace Wellness, by writing, and also by working for No Meat Athlete. 

Will's topics generally focus on nutrition, youth and adolescents, and running. He also enjoys telling the stories of other inspiring individuals who are empowering individuals in their communities to live more wholesome, healthful, and compassionate lives.

You can contact Will at Onpacewellness@gmail.com or follow him on IG @onpacewellness. His website is www.OnPaceWellness.com.



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