Will Tucker, Contributor


Will Tucker

4 Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion

Owner WTF! (Will Tucker Fitness)

Author/Certified Fitness Trainer/Speaker

Will is a fitness expert and award winning professional vegan bodybuilder.  He constantly dispels the myth that large amounts of animal protein is required to build an outstanding physique.  His philosophy is that all the nutrients the body requires are available in a well balanced, plant-based diet that is high in carbohydrates with minimal amounts of protein and healthy fats.  He focuses on giving the body what it needs on a cellular level to obtain better health while maximizing aesthetics.

As a certified fitness trainer, he relies on his 20+ years of fitness experience to help his clients develop plant-based nutrition and exercise plans that fit their individual preferences and needs.  Many of his clients have eliminated the need for prescription medications while eradicating physical ailments.  For years everyone from soccer moms to CEO’s, medical professionals and even celebrities have called on Will when they need to get in shape in the shortest time possible.

Will is a prominent figure in the Vegan community.  His talks at both veg-friendly as well as corporate events are always well received.  His style is both educational and entertaining.  He always engages with the audience in the most unique way.  The topic of Will’s talk, Protein Propaganda, delves into the mass conditioning in both the fitness and everyday world of protein consumption.  He makes you think logically about why society is obsessed with protein.  He also raises critical questions about commercial financial interests associated with our food choices.  Additionally, he discusses the impact on animal, environmental and health aspects, while sharing his personal story of how he transitioned from a mid-western meat and potato kind of guy to become Vegan.  Frequently, he receives messages from attendees who convert to a Vegan lifestyle after hearing him speak. 

Will Tucker

America’s Vegan Trainer™



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