Vegan Crash Course


Know somebody on the fence about trying out veganism? What better gift could you give them than than a support team of long time knowledgeable vegans to shepherd them through their transition?  Vegan Crash Course offer a one week comprehensive online program that will show them the whys and how’s of going vegan!  This is much more than a standard recipe course, VCC covers nearly every conceivable question new vegans are going to have, not only about food, but clothing, household and other products, ethics, and how to deal with inevitable issues regarding relationships, family,  and why people choose to go vegan.  It’s a comprehensive guide to all things vegan, and its sure to set you or you’re vegan inclined friends and loved ones on successful path to veganism!

Sign yourself or someone you care for up using the code "VCC6VHF" and get$75 off! Even better? Every enrollment comes with a six month digital subscription to VHF to help stay inspired.


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