Robin Raven, Contributor


Robin Raven is a travel journalist and author. As a freelance writer and editor with over a decade of experience contributing to magazines, newspapers, books, and websites, she has a passion for sharing news and views.

Robin's debut children's book, Santa's First Vegan Christmas, was traditionally published in 2016, and it's currently available on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere. It was critically acclaimed, and celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone praised the book. 


Robin adores traveling to new places and meeting animals (human and otherwise) along the way. She loves trying vegan cuisine around the world. She wrote Everywhere You Look: A Full House Fan Explores San Francisco Landmarks from the Show for Paste Magazine. She contributed a variety of travel articles to, One Green Planet and Plant Based News. She covers family travel for magazines like Parents & Kids

Robin became a vegetarian when she was a kid for ethical reasons; she has felt a lifelong adoration and respect for animals. She is now vegan for life and loves hearing from readers of her articles and books. Whenever anyone is interested in the vegan lifestyle, she is happy to give advice on how to make this choice as easy, convenient, and fun as possible.




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