Exciting SoCal Taco Options for Vegans

At Hangar 18 Bar + Kitchen located in the LAX Marriott, travelers can get back to the basics with their BTB Vegan Tacos featuring “chicken or beef”, corn tortillas loaded with black bean spread, evoo slaw, pickled red onions and house-made asparagus remoulade. Boasting farm-to-table ingredients and locally sourced produce, these mouthwatering tacos are crunchy on the outside and burst with fresh flavors in every bite.
Situated in one of San Diego’s prime beach towns, Backyard Kitchen & Tap is no stranger to melding the perfect veggie-centric taco – after all, it is SoCal! Order their Vegan Taco and indulge in a divine intermingling of walnut taco “meat,” cabbage, pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro and cashew-lime “crema” piled into a crispy corn hard shell.
Ranked one of the top 10 fast-casual spots nationwide on TripAdvisor, The Taco Stand is a taco staple – and for good reason. This San Diego-grown taqueria hasn't overlooked the growing vegan population, and with that, they offer their Nopal Taco, made-to-order and stuffed with flame-grilled cactus, cilantro sauce, tomato and avocado. That’s right, this taco creation is packing cactus, and is sure to prickle anyone’s fancy!
El Jardin Cantina is a prime San Diego spot with a slew of taco options for the city’s foodies. Vegan diners can delight in the eatery’s prime Portobello Mushroom Taco, piquantly seasoned and packed with creamy avocado puree, grilled jalapeno, molcajete salsa, grilled onion and cilantro, all rolled into a blue corn tortilla.


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