Yoga Special


Yoga Special

If you're interested in yoga at all, whether you're a newbie or if you've been teaching yoga for 50 years, you're going to love this one! With 125 pages of content, there's something for everyone.

Cover - Seane Corn represents what this issue is about so well on our cover. Yes, she has graced over 40+ other magazine covers, but this one is truly special as we celebrate her new book as well as her activism Off the Mat. The issue begins with a quote from her book about what yoga means and that sets the pace for the entire issue that flows like your favorite vinyasa class.

Featured yogis – This issue is bursting at the seams with yogis of all ages and styles. From the youngest yogi in the world outside of India, to some of the most seasoned sages. Each has something to teach that is unique and enlightening in a different way. Let them inspire you to let yoga meet you where you are in your journey and enhance the view. Whether you find yourself seated or upside down, yoga has a way of opening your heart and these teachers explain that in a way that enliven and engage your inner yogi like never before.

Recipes – This issue focuses on the most delicious and nutritious soups - with a grain and veggie bowl (yes, with a peanut sauce recipe that is to die for!), and a refreshing smoothie or two thrown in for good measure. Learn how to craft whole plant foods into something comforting and delicious with minimal time and effort.

Science – Learn about the many benefits of yogic breathing techniques, as well as a bonus technique that is all the rage with yogis all over the world. Plus, learn how to train yourself to not only survive, but thrive in colder weather! Boost your immune system and increase your metabolism with techniques to increase your brown fat (Don't know what brown fat is? You will be glad you learned.) Don't miss this important information that will greatly improve your life!

Travel – Our amazing travel writer visits Oregon and enjoys vegan cuisine and exercise among the vineyards and gorgeous landscape. Plan your vacation here and don't miss out on all the healthy, and fun activities that Oregon has in store for active vegans.

Asana- Of course, this issue is full of favorite poses, a routine you can do in the park with your dog, and discussions of how that body connection helps to heal the mind and soul.

More than asana – Ahimsa baby! Vegan yogis see the obvious, direct connection from yoga to their lifestyle off the mat in the concept of ahimsa. As our yogis say, yoga is so much more than poses. It is an inner experience as well as an outer experience, and that inner light that we recognize whenever we say, "namaste," wants to light the way to a more peaceful planet in so many ways!

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