NEW VIDEO! Vegan Military Vet and Bodybuilder on Kindness and Power


Brenda Carey interviews Korin Sutton, 3 time pro bodybuilder and 18 time physique champion, who many will remember from the pages of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine (as well as Men’s Health and many others). Korin is also a former US Marine and former US Navy combat veteran. If anybody understands the worlds of masculine power, it is Korin. While he has excelled in these arenas, he is well aware of the systemic problems of aggression, and has seen first-hand what can happen when power and authority fall into the wrong hands in both military and police forces. As an African American male, Korin has a unique and helpful perspective as we strive to understand how to create a better, kinder society. Korin has taken what he has learned and built a business around making the world a healthier, more compassionate place in his role as a personal trainer and mentor.


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