NEW VIDEO SERIES: Rod Coronado – Kindness Warrior!


In Part One (the above video), we introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend— Rod Coronado. In his extraordinary life he’s been called many things: animal rights activist, eco-terrorist, fugitive, hero, mentor, and spokesperson for justice for all. Learn about the whaling ships he sank, the animals he rescued from laboratories and fur farms, and the crimes for which he went to prison three times. In this video there is a short primer on his past, and an excerpt from an interview in 2004, where he eloquently explains his philosophy. 

In Part Two (the below video), we catch up with Rod 16 years later. Now in his 50s, there are many lessons learned about the most effective ways to express and fight for ideals. Magnetic and brilliant, Rod will touch your heart with his eloquent descriptions of his ongoing work. Lest you leave these videos thinking that the controversy surrounding Rod Coronado is over, we would like to inform you that there is a film coming out in 2021 by Joe Brown called Wolf Patrol. In it you will see a hunter challenge Rod to a fight to the death, and many other similar encounters. Nobody said that a Kindness Revolution would be easy.


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