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...Shockingly affordable, simple & effective.

Get inside our magazine:

An Ad in our pages reaches far. Our readers regularly tell us that our magazine is the only magazine that they read cover-to-cover and keep accessible in their home for years. We provide subscriptions to hundreds of libraries and doctor’s offices where we reach countless readers. We distribute to hundreds of stores, such as Barnes & Noble and other bookstores, where we reach both buyers and browsers. On top of that, we have an incredibly loyal and enthusiastic following of about 15k families who are long-term subscribers and a few thousand others who come and go. If this sort of focused, targeted access to the folks who are the most serious about vegan health and fitness appeals to you, ads inside the magazine are a must.

For as little as $250, you can reserve an ad space that will reach tens of thousands of health & fitness minded people with an interest or devotion to a vegan lifestyle. A full page ad, arguably the most effective and popular ad space in any magazine, costs as little as $1000 - a rate you wont find any place else. Campaigns on social media platforms can't reach a target audience as large and as unique as VHF's, and an Instagram post, Facebook shout-out, or tweet simply cant convey as much information or capture reader attention like a full color full page print ad can. Further, your ad will appear in both the print and digital versions of your chosen quarterly issue, reaching both online and real-world audiences. You can purchase an ad space and upload your artwork here on the website. Simple. No BS, no haggling.

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Digital by design:

This is not your ordinary side-bar ad. If you advertise on our website, you will reach 35,000 unique visitors and benefit from our 250,000 page views per month! These are people who are really into vegan health & fitness who you will reach wirh information about your product--- every month--- in a place where they have come, seeking out vegan health & fitness advice & recommendations. If your product is related to veganism, health, and/or fitness, our website is a MUST for you to reach your audience. Your desired audience is our audience. Campaigns on our site for past advertisers have topped well over a million impressions! You wont find ads on major social media platforms that provide the degree of reach to an audience seeking out information on veganism and healthy lifestyles for anywhere near these rates.

For as little as $250/month, your 300 x 300 pixel ad will be placed on every page of our site. With seven sidebar positions and a number of options for rotating and testing ad campaigns, there is an ad space that will work for everyone. We can also provide 30 day impression and click through data to help you fine-tune your ad as well.

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