Moe Aljuboori

Moe Aljuboori
Name: Moe Aljuboori

I am a passionate, plant based Strength Coach that focuses on helping people realize their true potential and achieve their goals, I have developed expertise in the human body in terms of performance, health, strength and conditioning, aesthetics, and nutrition. I take a holistic approach regarding the lifestyle, nutrition, and training with my clients, my desire is to help all my clients to live a more fulfilled life. A life that is; healthy, injury and pain free. Helping them be physically strong, physically mobile, highly energized, minimal in stress, and ultimately happy.

Credentials & Training: NASM PT & Nutrition, CrossFit Lvl-1, CrossFit Mobility, ISSN Nutrition Expert, The Power Athlete Cert., Brute Strength Nutrition seminar, Charles Poliquin Program Design course
Athletic Accomplishments: High School Basketball Player, Played different sports throughout life. Weightlifting, Sports Performance training.
Rate (range): Contact for rates, I offer both online, in person training, and semi-group training.
Location: Houston, Texas