Food Coach

Cheryl Pannone

Cheryl is truly passionate about living an optimally healthy lifestyle.  She teaches people not only about workout routines, but also about how to eat a whole food vegan diet that will get past all of the food confusion out there today.  She also teaches people how to manage their time so they can exercise, reduce stress, and cook healthy meals for the whole family.  I can help people via e-mail,  phone or meet up at a location that best suits my clients who live in the area. 

Credentials & Training: Bachelors in Health & Wellness, Certified Personal Trainer, Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition through Cornell University
Athletic Accomplishments: Avid runner participating in marathons, triathlons, as well as biking and lifting regularly
Rate (range): Contact for rates
Location: Warwick, Rhode Island
Emily Segal

I became a health coach after overcoming my own life-long battle with sugar addition, diabetes, and obesity.  I know what it takes to make a major life change!  A vegetarian for over 30 years and a vegan for 5 years, I specialize in Vegan Nutrition, Sugar Addiction, Emotional Eating, and Weight Issues.  I am happily anti-dietary dogma and fad-diet free.

Credentials & Training: BA, Bates College, 1988, MA, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1994 Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2007
Athletic Accomplishments: 2005 Westchester Half Marathon, 2006 Yonkers Half Marathon, 2011 Tel Aviv Half Marathon, 2012 Tel Aviv Full Marathon, 2013 Tel Aviv Half Marathon
Rate (range): $80-100/session
Location: International
Karina Inkster

My mission is to provide a friendly kick in the ass that motivates and inspires you to live a healthy life. What's in it for you? Energy, confidence, and health superpowers! One of my main offerings is online fitness and nutrition coaching. You get workout plans, photos, videos, weekly check-ins with me, and more.

Credentials & Training: Master's degree in Gerontology, specializing in health and aging. Certified Personal Training Specialist.
Athletic Accomplishments: First place swimming in 2 relay triathlons, 19 unassisted chin-ups in a row, 6 handstand push-ups in a row
Website Address:
Rate (range): Depends on service type and number of sessions purchased at once. See website.
Phone Number: 778-230-6849
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Krissy Adams-Schofield

Giving others the gift of health and fitness is my passion with over 8-years experience in helping hundreds of clients transform their lives through exercise and balanced nutrition. I enjoy teaching others the benefits of plant-based diets and how to incorporate easy and delicious vegan recipes into their lifestyles through my blog, 30-Day Challenges and e-books offered at I also offer customized meal plans, workout programs and online competition coaching to female clients all over the world.

Credentials & Training: Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer & Competition Prep Coach
Athletic Accomplishments: WBFF Bikini PRO, Published Fitness & Cover Model
Rate (range): $150/hr
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Suzanna McGee

Suzanna’s focus is on functional fitness for sports, life, or just plain well-being. She has worked with professional athletes, youth, and seniors (up to 86 years of age). She focuses on re-creating balance in the body, where it has been compromised by sports and lifestyle challenges, and preventing future overuse injuries and problems.

Suzanna uses kettlebells, Kamagon, TRX, BOSU, macebell and other functional equipment. She is an expert in plant-based nutrition and will help you with your nutrition for performance and weight loss. Suzanna is the author of “Tennis Fitness for the Love of it: a Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury-Free Tennis” available worldwide, and the forthcoming “Athlete’s Simple Guide to Plant-Based Lifestyle”. She believes that everything is possible, with persistence and discipline.

Credentials & Training: Performance enhancement specialist (PES) and corrective exercise specialist (CES) by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Plant-based nutrition specialist by eCornell University
Athletic Accomplishments: Ms. Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Champion, nationally ranked tennis player, artistic rollerblading champion
Rate (range): $80-$100
Location: Venice Beach, California, USA
Vegan Muscle & Fitness/Root Force Personal Training, LLC

We offer one-on-one training, meal and workout routines, an online video library, and 12-week group personal training sessions designed to meet your goal! 

Credentials & Training: Derek Tresize is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Max Seabrook is an A.C.T. Certified Personal Trainer
Athletic Accomplishments: Derek is a two-time natural bodybuilding champion and has competed in powerlifting, bodybuilding, martial arts, and track and field. Marcella is also a competitive bodybuilder with one second-place finish as well as a semi-professional belly dancer. Both are members of Team Plantbuilt! Max is a physique competitor as well.
Rate (range): Group and one one-on one training ranges from $30/week - $150/month and packages range from $135 - $400
Location: Richmond, Virginia