Massage Therapist

Austin Barbisch

Austin has found great success with his running, rowing and lifting since converting to a vegan diet, and is eager to relay this information to others. He has been a personal trainer since 1996, and has enjoyed getting first timers to a gym as well as helping competitive athletes better their fitness level. Austin’s massage therapy practice of 16 years with advanced clinical therapy training really comes in handy when postural or injury assessment, treatment and prevention are necessary.

Credentials & Training:
Certified personal trainer by the NASM, NGA and AAHRP, Licensed massage therapist
Athletic Accomplishments:
13 natural body building shows ( placing 2nd 10 times, placing 1st once), 3 marathons, two 50 mile, two 12 hour (won one with 60.76 miles), two 100 mile, and one 24 hour (won with 115.32 miles)
Website Address:
Rate (range):
Personal training is $60 per session (1 hour) or $500 for a 10 session package. Massage therapy is $100 (1 hour) or $130 (1.5 hour)
Austin, Texas, USA