Career Opportunities



Experienced, talented sales people!


  1. You must be very familiar with this magazine and love what we are doing!
  2. You must have the gift of gab and be ready, willing, and able to talk to lots of new people, for about 20 hours a week about why VHF is the best place to advertise!
  3. You MUST have experience selling and have a great track record! (Have you ever sold anything to other people for a living? It takes a certain knack.)
  4. You must be familiar with the vegan health and fitness marketplace. This job requires cold calling vegan health and fitness companies as well as attending expos and fairs to meet the folks behind these products. You need to be able to speak knowledgeably about these products.
  5. You must be willing to continually improve your sales technique by spending time working on it on a regular basis, both through our programs and on your own.

If you meet all of these requirements (or at least most of them), please send us your resume with sales experience and a note about why you want to work for VHF.

[email protected]