10.10.15 Vegan Global Run Race Results



GIA LIBERATI10K49:34 (6.5 miles)FIRST
BRUCE FOLKERTH10K55:07 (6.8 miles)SECOND
SANDRA MUNEVAR10K1:18:09 (7.05 miles)FIFTH


Name (First)Name (Last)LocationDistance/TImeComments
JenniOfstieGo John Trail, Cave Creek Arizona10k 1:27 with 1,214 elevation gainThis is my favorite trail in Arizona! There are stunning views, and although the trail is in the city, you feel like you are miles away! I am preparing to run all of the Aravaipa Trail Series this year, and the first run in the series is the Cave Creek Thriller, including the Go John Trail! Some photos are attached!
izabelaR.Pennsylvania10k, 1:06:46 (Strava app)Today was a perfect autumn day to go for a 10k run, help a pro-animal cause and celebrate other vegans around the world!
I spent the run reminiscing about the various paths that ultimately led me to becoming vegetarian, and later, vegan. And, admittedly, I also peeked around to see if any other runners were sporting their Vegan Global Run shirts!
I ended the run sweaty and re-inspired - thank you VH&F magazine!
-Photo: Shea R. modeling VGR shirt.
HolgerWatzlKerpen, Germany12 k, 1:05:17
GregPannonehalf marathon 1:49:16Ok started out at 3:50 am 10/10/15 From the town of West Warwick RI through Warwick to East Greenwich and back. I like this run because it goes by the bay and has some nice hills.
LisaHaagFt. Worth, TXhalf marathon mi, 2:11:30We had to come to TX for the weekend so, I was a little nervous about not running at home in MD. Chose the Trinty Trail to run on, my partner Jim followed me on a bike. What a great place to run, really enjoyed it!
JanelleWoodWichita Falls, TXhalf marathon in 2:09
HeidiDaileyLincoln, nebraska2.5 miles, 28min
GintarasPupininkasItaly, Trevisohalf marathon - 1.39,56RAW - is power, running is life... 🙂
KellyHawkinsChicago marathonmarathon 4:34:10Chi town marathon was a blast!
RoseSpino-StahlRuskin, Florida5k, Time:49:30
WadeRockholdNashville5k, 24:15
MeghanMuirNashville5k, 36:52
HeatherDohertyClearwater, FL5k, 48 minutes
ArielVoigtKettle Moraine State Forest, Greenbush WI31.8, 8 hours 10 minutesIt was my husband Matthew and my first race together since we got married on September 19th, and his first Ultra distance!
ShanwenHsuCalgary, Canada5k 38.47minIt is a privilege to spend Canadian Thanksgiving among clean air, fresh water and healthy people. Also, to celebrate this healthy lifestyle with other participants around the world. During the run, my partner Jenn and I watched golden leaves falling, and watched sailboats on the Glenmore Reservoir. The sun was shining brightly, we stopped many times to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces. We are happy to have participated in this event.
JennPetersonCalgary, Canada5k 38.47minFirst time vegan global runner! My partner Shanwen and I ran along the Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary. I appreciate that part of the registration fee goes to a good cause and the run couldn't have been more beautiful.
RayHolroydSalt Spring Island BC, Canada5k - 19:23 - strava.com/activities/411274077
WadeRockholdNashville, TN5k - 24:17 total timeI ran while I ran The Nashville OktoberFest race in Germantown. I had hoped to get the shirt to represent before then, but we had them in the mail when we got home.
PhilSmithSnyder, NY5K , 28: 24
CarlySmithSnyder, NY5K , 28:24
TriciaHerringPanama City Beach Florida5k, 26minI had the best time running this morning! The beach is a peaceful place to run and the breeze makes it even better!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this Global run!
NikkiRoyceNew Hampshire, USA5k, 33:16
JedidiahSolizFolsom, CA.5k in 17:55This was a cross country 5k on a tough course! Lots of hills and very hot out! I did pretty well though considering and promoting a great cause with my Vegan Global Run shirt on gave me that extra edge and determination to push myself! I was so glad to be out there again, running for my passion and bringing awareness to the vegan movement! Pictures to come 🙂
DaveStricklandSaint John, New Brunswick5k trail run - 29:45Beautiful trail run
GregLeoDC5k, 26:37
ConnieGuerreroMy Neighborhood5k, 28:14
JenniferPrinceNortheast London Ontario5K, 31:30 I chose my route that I usually drive to work and was really thankful for the view of the Thames River at 7:45 AM that you just cannot replicate in a car.
JeremyMooreArlington5k, 40:50
GiaLiberatiLowell Massachusetts6.5 miles, 49:34
BruceFolkerthBig Bend, Towpath, Akron, Ohio6.8 miles in 55:07The highlight of my run was seeing multiple deer on my way south on the trail and then as I was wrapping up my run back north I saw a small antlered buck standing on the railroad tracks as I finished.
SandraMunevarConnecticut7.05 miles 1:18:09Yeah, I did it!! I was super excited to be a part of the second Vegan Global Run as I missed the first one! I became vegan just over a year and a half ago and have never felt better!! I live in Plantation, FL and was traveling to CT this weekend so I took to the local streets to run. I committed to a 10K but actually ran a mile more due to the fantastic cooler weather! 48 degrees and sunny...much cooler than my usual hot and humid weather in Florida. I really enjoyed the change in scenery as all the trees were changing colors. It was a great run and I'm happy to be a part of the vegan community!!!
MatthiasMeyBerlin, Germany8.24 km in 1 hourI didn't expect to run this distance since I just restarted running after a six-month-injury (and before that I wasn't really a good runner).
The Vegan Global Run motivated me to set a new personal best at the "Tempelhofer Feld" (former airfield) in Berlin, Germany.
CherylPannoneNarragansett RIhalf marathon 13.1 mi, 1:41 We ran near beautiful beaches and very hilly country side roads. Weather was a cool 45 degrees with a light breeze.
Brenda CareyAustin, Texas10k, 1:13:39It was warm and dusty and there were a lot of people on the trail who were walking to ACL concerts that we had to weave around. It was not the easiest run ever, but the knowledge that other vegans were running with me (I could see one of them--my BFF Brian Acree, running by my side-- man, I slowed him down a lot). But I kept thinking about how powerful we are when we all support each other and work together in this movement of compassion! I am so invigorated to change the world! Looking forward to continuing to spread the word about my vegan brothers and sisters in the pages of VHF!!!
BrianAcreeAustin, Texas10k, 1:16It was a beautiful day running around the lake. Ran through the crowds of people walking to the Austin City Limits music festival. We got to hear some of the music as we ran by. I spent a lot of time thinking about the people around the world who were also out running that day and I was really looking forward to hearing their stories and seeing their photos. It's really inspiring to know that no matter where we are on that day, or how fast we run or how far, we are part of a community of supportive and compassionate people!
ChristianDownsOita, Japan10K, 53:45I sent some pics earlier in the week, and all I have to say is, you can't stop veganism!
DaveStricklandSaint John, New Brunswick5K trail run - 29:45
MiguelPelayoMaryland10k in 57:15.I've been vegan for 2 years and have lost about 40 lbs in that time. The birth of my son(now 1) was a big motivator. I didn't want to be a fat dad. Not I'm working towards running my first half marathon in November. I'd like to run a full marathon someday. Hopefully the Chicago Marathon. No matter where I live, Chicago will always be my home 🙂 I ran the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail!