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July August 2015

July-August 2015
This holistic health issue has a little something for everyone!

Learn how to “lean into” improving your diet and your life with best-selling author and holistic wellness expert Kathy Freston
Not vegan yet? We’ve got your step-by-step plan for success in going, and staying vegan
Get a great back workout with champion pro bodybuilder Torre Washington and his best friend, a BadAss vegan named John Lewis
Learn how to sprint faster with future Olympian sprinter Charles Parker, and how to run without injury from ultra marathoner Austin Barbisch
Learn how to make great vegan s’mores and more from 2 kids who just love Vegan Summer Camp!
Get some great ideas for vegan travel (Hawaii, San Antonio, Italy, or your own backyard!)
Learn how to use those ropes you see laying around at the gym to get a great workout with champion figure competitor Tiffany Burich
Impress your guests with recipes like Pesto Raw-sta Primavera or savory cooked Sea Shepherd’s Pie!

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