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Single Issue – September October 2016

September October 2016

This autumn, enjoy all the season has to offer!

  • Get some great recipes to share with family, from tacos to pumpkin mousse to noodle salad and nut butter cookies, and more!
  • Meet several vegan parents who share tips for raising healthy, compassionate kids in a modern world.
  • Learn how to celebrate halloween with your kids in a fun and healthy way.
  • Be inspired by Rob and Sherrie Moon Zombie who make their living playing with horror, but are compassionate to animals in real life.
  • Get the results of the 4.4.16 Vegan Global Run and get ready for the next one coming up in November!
  • Enjoy gorgeous poses from Acro Yogis Max and Liz.
  • Get excited about the changing face of the animal rights movement.
  • Learn about 3 important foods that improve exercise performance.
  • Be inspired by Eli Odhen to be your best and influence your non vegan friends too.
  • Meet the man who is likely the top ultra marathoner in the world, Vlad Ixel.
  • Get tips from vegan bodybuilders/competitors.
  • Enjoy travel features and restaurant reviews.

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