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Holiday 2019

This holiday issue is another big issue with 104 pages of content! Our holiday issues are always among our most popular due to the incredible recipes inside, and this one does not disappoint with 19 mouthwatering, gorgeous, delicious, and healthy recipes to impress your family and friends at any gathering! 

Cover - Meet the Akashinga!  You will be so inspired by these amazing women who are protecting the animals of their homeland from poachers!  They train hard, work hard, and are fueled by plants thanks to Chef Cola (who you many remember from the Summer 2019 issue).  
Recipes - We’ve got everything from Pumpkin Pancakes to get you started in the morning, to starters like Garbanzo Cheez and Eggnog Chai Latte, to your centerpiece Holiday Loaf, Mushroom Gravy, and even Lasagna for family meals, just to list a few of the delicious and nutritious options in this issue. Desserts include Sky-High Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Plantain Fudge Brownie Bites, Apple-Almond Cookies, and much, much more!  We show you how to do it with nothing but the best ingredients (oil-free, mostly gluten-free, low or no sugar or salt— sea salt is the healthier option). And, it all tastes just like grandma used to make!
Science - Learn how foods affect your mood and have a happy holiday season, that carries on throughout the year!  This uplifting piece provides everything you need to know from a scientific perspective, provided by Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, founder and director of The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Learn about his new book and how to follow him and the many wonderful things his organization is up to.
Travel - Whether you have never been to Manhattan or are thinking of visiting again, this article will get you ready for a delicious and activity-filled visit to a truly great city.  Robin Tierney takes us on a tour of sites and tastes to get you in the mood to be a part of it, New York, New York!
Inspiration - Did you know that the National Fried Chicken Contest was won by a vegan chef who submitted vegan chicken to the contest this year?  Meet that talented chef and find out how you can enjoy her cooking in your own home.  Be inspired to start your own vegan business and to show the world how delicious veganism can be!  
Sport - One of the world’s top bodybuilders is featured in this issue.  His name is Markus Medius and he is taking on the Mr. Universe competition and rising in the ranks very quickly.  Learn about how he builds strength as well as muscle on his vegan diet, and about the animals and environmental issues that inspire him to put in all the hard work to present himself as an example of vegan strength to the world.

Summer 2019

This is now our biggest issue ever at 110 pages of content, with very few ads.

Cover - The cover story features the amazing Ingrid Newkirk, founder and director of the biggest animal rights group in the world - PETA of course. We are honored to bring you a little bit of her life story, plus tips on how to weather the storms that many animal rights activists face. Her wisdom at age 70 is comparable only to her own impressive resume.

Science - You asked for more science, and you got it. This heavily researched piece by Brenda Carey exposes many risks that you probably have not heard of, but are causing catastrophic health problems from food and pharmaceutical processing. Yeastie Beasties are being genetically modified and are probably growing in your body right now. Learn more about this epidemic and what to do about it.

Recipes - What would summer be without some amazing new salad and smoothie recipes? We bring you some of the best from the newest vegan recipe books. Plus, get some ideas for juicing with your blender, cold soups, and even an easy and crowd-pleasing breakfast stack. All delicious and nutritious as always!

Athletes - We’ve got an ultra-runner, a big wave body boarder and a world record breaking swimmer. Get tips and be inspired by their stories.

Personalities/Influencers - We’ve got a TV star, a top blogger and an entrepreneur with a famous Instagram page and lots of followers. Learn about their journeys and be inspired to make your dreams come true too!

Parents/Youth - Meet a young man who has been vegan since birth. Find out what it’s like and get tips for making the most of it. Visit a school that is all plant-based and learn about an amazing new vegan children’s book.

Travel - Check out 4 amazing destinations in Colorado. Where to stay, where to dine, and what to do for fun and exercise is included as always in our travel guide.

And more!

Spring 2019

This is our biggest, some say best, issue yet! 

Cover– We've got Phil Collen, the iconic lead guitarist for the legendary Def Leppard on our cover.  He's 61 years young and still rocking—not just muscially, look at those abs!  He gives us his secrets for staying fit and gives us a peek into his successful relationships with family and bandmates.

Gardening– Learn from the Vegan Organic Network how to grow food that is not only organic, but vegan-organic, aka veganic! Oh, and while you're at it, learn a few things about the herbs growing all around in your yard and neighborhood with our Editor in Chief.

Food– Learn about the celery juice trend, alternatives to honey (and why), and enjoy recipes from four of the hottest new vegan cookbooks hitting the market right now, as well as recipes from athletes who show you how delicious and easy it is to eat right, even on the go!

Travel– Visit three cities: Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio and Canun and check out the vegan health and fitness scene with out travel writer, Robin Tierney.  She tells you about the best places to stay, the best restaurants for healthy vegan options, and the local activities to get your heart rate up as you take in the scenery and culture.

Kids-  Learn about Lean and Green Kids, which is a great program for public schools that is designed to bring healthy food options and nutrition education to the classroom and the cafeteria.

Pets– Are you eating vegan and wondering if the amazing benefits you are experiencing would work for your best friend too?  Our pet food scientist gives you the information that you need to make the right decisions for the health of your dog.

Politics- Have you ever wondered why your politicians don't do more to protect the planet, humans, health and animals in agriculture?  Laura Montonye Reese did too and now she is lobbying Congress and needs your help to keep it going.

Workout– Learn about the Beast Mode Yogi workout from its creator, Kim Waldauer, and follow along with a sequence demonstrated on our pages.

Inspiration- We've got Erika Tymrak of the National Women's Soccer League, contributors who have overcome disease, put on muscle while eating nothing but fruit, and lots of bloggers and "influencers" who love to share their recipes and tips on wellness. You will want to follow them all! Oh, and contributors who have built businesses around sharing vegan wellness with the world.  One hosts events with lots of booths and speakers, and another couple has added nutrition advice for true healing to their chiropractic practice.