Vegfest Discounts!

If you went to the Phoenixville vegfest this weekend, we hope you had a great time and had some amazing vegan food!  As a special "thank you!" from VHF for supporting this great event, we're giving away free digital trial subscriptions to attendees, or  get $5 a print trial or full subscription!

Each issue of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine has something for everyone.  If you're new to veganism, you'll find great recipes, products, advice, and articles on how to eat healthier and feel better.  If you've been vegan for awhile, you'll find articles on the latest in nutrition science, profiles of athletes, articles on raising vegan children, great travel features, and stories of ordinary people doing amazing things on a vegan diet.

Just pick an option below and then enter the coupon code "phoenixville" at checkout.  Thanks again for supporting this great event, and we hope you enjoy Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine!