Summer 2012 Issue

We are very excited to be posting the first digital issue of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine!

The digital version is the exact same version of the print edition and was designed to look and feel just like a print magazine. You can flip through pages by clicking the arrow navigation buttons or by clicking on the corner of a page and pulling it back. You can also click on any page to magnify the content for easier reading, and then click it again to zoom out. At the bottom of the magazine is a toolbar with navigation arrows, and buttons for a magnifying glass, a page index, and a bookmarked table of contents. Navigating the magazine is easy - you can click on an article in the table of contents to be taken to to it, or you can use the bookmark guide to go from article to article, or you can just flip through the pages!

The digital version also contains interactive content. Nearly every weblink or email address in the magazine can be clicked to take you to websites with more information on the articles inside. Also, whenever you click on a green "Comment On This Article!" you will be taken to a forum page where you can discuss the articles with other readers or leave feedback.

In future editions we will be including videos, slideshows, demonstrations and other great interactive content as well.  Over the next few weeks we will be updating the look of the digital version and adding more features, so keep checking back!

We hope you enjoy it!

Click Here to view the full electronic version of the Summer 2012 Issue!