Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine is the first and only globally distributed magazine with the word "vegan" in the title.  It is also the first in the world to combine anything veg with fitness.


The November/December Issue is on the stands now!


This issue focuses on family! Read about over a dozen inspirational vegan families, including the families of many familiar vegan health leaders such as T. Colin Campbell, Dr. John McDougall, Rip and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, John and Ocean Robbins and many more! Plus read about:

    • Fiona Oakes, an amazing endurance athlete who is shattering records all over the world, and how she gets her inspiration from the 400 animals in her homestead that she calls family
    • Torre Washington, the lifelong vegetarian and 15-year vegan bodybuilder racking up wins and pro-cards
    • An amazing all-vegan ultra-marathon in Germany on the "B-12" highway
    • Great articles on childhood nutrition and exercise
    • Over 16 delicious vegan recipes including pumpkin pie, tarts, great soups, appetizers and more!
  • The November/December issue is available now online, in over a thousand natural grocery stores and bookstores across the United States and Canada, and in a few weeks will be available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany and other countries. Click here for a list of locations where you can buy it. And of course, you can always subscribe to access the digital version or have it delivered straight to your door.

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    VHF Magazine's Favorite ArticlesHere are some of our favorite articles from past editions


    Heart Disease_Img_2

    Heart Disease is Reversible

    If you eat the standard Western diet that most people eat in the modern world, you will surely develop heart disease, and may die from it. But there are other options. Read more about them in this outstanding article by Dr. Fuhrman.



    Anyone interested in considering a vegan diet has no doubt heard the old maxim that vegans should supplement their diet with vitamin B-12. However, the science regarding how much B12 is actually provided by various dietary sources, and even how much B-12 a person actually needs, has substantially evolved. A recent study published in the highly respected, peer-reviewed journal Experimental Biology and Medicine found that widely held beliefs about dietary sources of B-12 may be profoundly inaccurate.

    vegan bones_Page_1

    Strong Vegan Bones

    Everyone knows that calcium is important for building strong bones, but where you get your calcium turns out to be very important too. This article from the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine explores the latest science showing people who get their calcium from dairy products actually have a much higher risk of bone fractures then those who get their calcium from other sources, and offers great tips for keeping bones healthy.


    Being a Soyboy Won’t Make You a Girlie Man

    One of the more interesting myths about the vegan diet is that a diet high in soy protein is also high in estrogen. Tell that to the Vegan Bodybuilders racking up the wins on the Plant Built Muscle team. This article reviews some of the science debunking that myth.