July – August 2015




This holistic health issue has a little something for everyone!


- Learn how to “lean into” improving your diet and your life with best-selling author and holistic wellness expert Kathy Freston

- Not vegan yet? We’ve got your step-by-step plan for success in going, and staying vegan

- Get a great back workout with champion pro bodybuilder Torre Washington and his best friend, a BadAss vegan named John Lewis

- Learn how to sprint faster with future Olympian sprinter Charles Parker, and how to run without injury from ultra marathoner Austin Barbisch

- Learn how to make great vegan s’mores and more from 2 kids who just love Vegan Summer Camp!

- Get some great ideas for vegan travel (Hawaii, San Antonio, Italy, or your own backyard!)

- Learn how to use those ropes you see laying around at the gym to get a great workout with champion figure competitor Tiffany Burich

- Impress your guests with recipes like Pesto Raw-sta Primavera or savory cooked Sea Shepherd’s Pie!

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