Interview with Dr. Doug Graham on Raw Food & Powerlifting at 70!


Dr. Doug Graham, renowned as coach to many celebrity athletes, starting with Martina Navratilova, World Tennis Champion in the 1980s, and continuing on to many top NFL and other sports league champions today. A multi-decade vegan and raw foodist, he authored the book "The 80-10-10 Diet" which is considered THE raw food bible, and is the keynote speaker at most top FruitFests around the world. He influenced B as she became "Chef B" and has now authored 2 cookbooks that exemplify how pleasure and raw food naturally go together. They discuss why they have chosen to eat raw, some of the science behind it, Dr. Doug's powerlifting at 70 much, much more. Dr. Doug Graham's website is Visit to learn more about his upcoming retreat in Costa Rica, his coaching services, his books, and more.


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