Torre Washington, natural bodybuilding pro and celebrity trainer, tells it like it is…


Torre Washington has won more pro cards and more bodybuilding titles and trophies than any other natural vegan bodybuilder we know. He's been competing (winning) for over a decade now and he's still going strong, racking up the trophies. He's also the personal trainer to an impressive list of celebrities...some he names (you have to watch to find out who). Having been raised vegetarian from birth, and having been vegan for over 20 years now, he is a great example of what a guy can do when he eats lots of tofu (yes, tofu) and spends lots of time at the gym. But Torre is more than just a muscular body, he's got a strong mind and spirit too. Learn even more cool things about him that you probably didn't know, even if you've been following him for a while. Get his opinion on supplements, competition judges, and the Rastafarian community. Join our host, B, in this engaging conversation that ends with a little workout, just to give you a taste of how to get started building your own stronger, more muscular body... and you WILL be inspired to get started by the end of this interview! Enjoy!


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