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sweet potato fries and lemonade

Location: 185 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012


By Chloe. is not like any other restaurant in Greenwich Village, nor is it like any other vegan restaurant in Manhattan. The vibe Chef Chloe Cosarelli created is especially welcoming. Even from the street, I noticed that it’s very “Venice Beach-like,” with fun music, individual hanging seats in the window, and outdoor seating. Not to mention that all of the seating is white or black, making the small space feel very open and inviting. The seating is first come first serve, so no reservations, but that isn’t holding anyone back! Before I went in to eat, I’d passed by a few times previously and saw a line out the door, every seat taken, and people waiting outside praying to the food gods for a table.



When you make it inside the packed space, you smell the heavenly food wafting about, and then you see the baked goods by the counter--which was enough to make me squeal with joy! After that, I was equally thrilled to see a huge cooler with Thai coconuts, juices, and a variety of to-go food options as well.

When I arrived, Robert, the manager, joyfully greeted me, and offered several suggestions to mull over before ordering. inside 2Be warned— the menu at by Chloe. is going present you with some delightfully agonizing dining decisions. Everything looks so amazing! They have a Quinoa Taco Salad made with seitan chorizo, black beans, fresh sweet corn, avocado, and tomatoes that is served with a vegan crèma and an agave-lime vinaigrette. There’s also a Spicy Thai Salad made with apricot-Sriracha glazed tempeh that I’m dying to try next! by Chloe. also serves something I’ve never seen anywhere else - unique cocktails made with healthy fresh pressed juices and organic spirits that sound light and delicious!

Generally, Matcha comes presweetened since the amino acids have a pronounced flavor, but by Chloe did not overwhelm the tea with sweetener and instead let it speak for itself.

kale matcha mojito


I started with the seasonal watermelon lemonade, which was very light and refreshing. I apparently liked it a lot; it was nearly gone before I started my meal! I then ordered an iced matcha tea. Matcha tea is made from pulverized, shade-grown green tea leaves, so the flavor is not the same as a traditional iced green tea. Generally, matcha comes presweetened since the amino acids have a pronounced flavor, but by Chloe did not overwhelm the tea with sweetener and instead let it speak for itself. I found the iced matcha very cooling and ideal for sips in between my sandwich and fries.



I ended up opting for Robert’s favorite, the Pesto Meatball Sandwich (pictured on the right of image below).

No dairy, no rennet, just fantastic, creamy goodness.

quinoa taco salad

Anyone that knows me knows I love bread and pizza, especially pizza with pesto, and this delicious sandwich somehow encompassed both perfectly! The hoagie bread was soft with a bit of a bounce and had a nice sweetness to it. The meatballs are handcrafted from one of Chloe’s own recipes, and are out-of-this world good! The flavor was bold enough to make a statement, but did not overpower its counterparts. They were gentle and soft, not hard or chewy. The peppers and marinara sauce were a perfect pairing and ordered just enough juiciness to the bread and meatballs. Cashew mozzarella and almond Parmesan were then layered on top; need I say more? No dairy, no rennet, just fantastic, creamy goodness. Then the rush of flavor from the fresh pesto sauce swept over my palate! This sauce is very clean and subdued. They have juxtaposed it with the fresh basil, which is delightfully pronounced. It all tasted straight from the garden!

I’m also a sucker for fries, especially sweet potato fries, (pictured at the beginning of this article) so when I saw them offered on the menu board I couldn’t resist. The great thing about these fries is that they’re not fried at all! They’re actually air baked, which left them crispy on the outside without a greasy, and super soft inside. These were hands-down the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. Chloe leaves no detail behind, so even the ketchup is not your run of the mill dip either. Happily, I discovered that there are beets in hers, with a decadent sweet onion flavor to finish. The other dipping option was a chipotle aioli, again, very untraditional, creamy with a sassy edge. It was robust, yet sort of bore a resemblance to spiced tartar sauce.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I was ordered an incredible chocolate chip cookie AND a scoop of one of their daily dessert offerings: Chia Mocha Chip ice cream. I can say, without hesitation, this is the first coffee ice cream that’s left me wanting more! I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the warm welcome and the delicious food and drink on a beautiful afternoon in NYC.

oatmeal raisin cookie



By Chloe, I will certainly be back!




Mindy Collette is an athlete, a vegan, a bit of a hippy, a performer, and currently a New Yorker, who happens to love food, fitness, and belly laughs.

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