January February 2017


This issue celebrates young vegans and what lies ahead!


• Recipes that even folks who don’t like “healthy” food will love: pumpkin pancakes, chili, pizza, sushi, onion rings, burgers, cookies— even donuts!
• Interviews with young vegans who are using social media to reach their peers as never before.
• Be inspired by vegan pro triathlete champ Madi Serpico, ultra runner Dan Carter, Ironman Jackson Foster, triathlete, marathoner and ultra distance champ Ben Dame, duathlete Lisa Gawthorne and IFBB pro bodybuilder Jahina Malik.
• Enjoy travel articles on Jamaica, New Paltz, NY and feature on travel bloggers who have been everywhere!
• Reviews of Eco Vegan Hiking Boots, restaurants, resorts, and the best vegan powders.
• Meet the Vegan Parents series of articles features mom Felicia Greenfield, who is also an actress and non profit director.
• Be inspired by our columnists-- Ray Harmony on running, Wilfredo Benitez on trying new foods this year, and Robert Cheeke on what’s new in the world of vegan bodybuilding.
• Be reminded to visit your local farm animal sanctuary for inspiration and enrichment this year!

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