March April 2017


This issue is a Fiesta of Fun!

MarApr2017 cover 580

  • Lots of Latin-style recipes to liven up your spring menu!
  • More recipes featuring fruit— from bowls that mimic banana splits to smoothies that add a zing to your lips!
  • Bonus: recipe for the best muffins we’ve ever tasted!
  • Overcome any challenge with the inspiration from articles by Cameron Bigger, who dealt with mental institutions and jail time, Adam Sud, who lost 160 pounds and kicked his addictions, and Amy Carter who overcame a mystery illness and left the wheelchair behind when she chose to let food be her medicine.
  • Learn how to veganize your cultural norms by hearing the stories of Wilfredo Benitez, Vanessa Espinoza and Victor Ivan Barragan— three inspirational Latinos who took their popular family recipes to a new level of health and wellness, while maintaining the taste everyone loves.
  • Pamela Popper, PhD, N.D. answers your toughest questions about Blue Zones, and “Is fish a health food?”
  • Learn proper form for the most important exercises in the gym with personal trainer Alex Ciccone
  • Cover gal Carolyn Scott-Hamilton shares her story of seeking answers and greater vegan food fun by becoming a nutritionist and a chef, just for her own knowledge— but these days she pays it forward in her cookbooks and vegan travel adventures in exotic locations you will love!
  • Robin Tierney gives us the scoop on the vegan scene in Tampa. Learn where to eat and where to exercise for that vegan health and fitness lifestyle in this up-and-coming city in sunny Florida.
  • Trek the El Camino de Santiago in Spain this summer. Molly Conley tells you where to stay and where to eat along the way, on a budget.
  • The final article in the Annika Lundqvist series on Meet the Vegan Parents features Michelle Carrera of Chilis on Wheels.
  • On top of all that there are restaurant reviews, product awards, tips for cyclists, ultra runners, triathletes and more.

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