Nurya Baht Yisrael and family making the streets of Philadephia, Pennsylvania more beautiful and healthy!

We come from the Blumberg projects, and the rough streets of North Philly.  There are tons of drug addicts, dope fiends, robbers, and other violent criminals here. We wanted to make a better way for ourselves and our children. We had little to no money, but we made it to Whole Foods Market to get bags of dried chickpeas, gallons of spring water— and vegan burgers, so we wouldn’t go back to eating meat. We had to walk miles to get there, carrying back our bags and small children. We live in a one-bedroom with four children in the same bedroom.

We don’t allow anyone else to watch our children because we haven’t found anyone we can trust to respect our lifestyle and diet plan. The challenges we face push us to be stronger, and led us to create VEGAN_FIT_FAM to share our lifestyle with others on social media. We want people to see that even in our circumstances, we are strict vegans and we exercise together.  We do acro yoga together outside at a park. The children love gymnastics, but we don’t have the funds to put them in gymnastics school. So, they watch other gymnasts on YouTube and then practice daily. We have become extremely close as a family from sharing a one-bedroom for so long. We use every challenge as motivation. It gave us the fire to learn acro yoga and to learn to cook from scratch (to save money because processed foods cost more) and become VEGAN_FIT_FAM.  We teach our children yoga, discipline, and patience. This situation has made us strong. We have lost family members during these rough times, but have stayed on our mission to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle in any circumstance. 


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