Summer 2019: Our Biggest Issue Ever!


This is now our biggest issue ever at 110 pages of content, with very few ads.

Cover - The cover story features the amazing Ingrid Newkirk, founder and director of the biggest animal rights group in the world - PETA of course. We are honored to bring you a little bit of her life story, plus tips on how to weather the storms that many animal rights activists face. Her wisdom at age 70 is comparable only to her own impressive resume.

Science - You asked for more science, and you got it. This heavily researched piece by Brenda Carey exposes many risks that you probably have not heard of, but are causing catastrophic health problems from food and pharmaceutical processing. Yeastie Beasties are being genetically modified and are probably growing in your body right now. Learn more about this epidemic and what to do about it.

Recipes - What would summer be without some amazing new salad and smoothie recipes? We bring you some of the best from the newest vegan recipe books. Plus, get some ideas for juicing with your blender, cold soups, and even an easy and crowd-pleasing breakfast stack. All delicious and nutritious as always!

Athletes - We’ve got an ultra-runner, a big wave body boarder and a world record breaking swimmer. Get tips and be inspired by their stories.

Personalities/Influencers - We’ve got a TV star, a top blogger and an entrepreneur with a famous Instagram page and lots of followers. Learn about their journeys and be inspired to make your dreams come true too!

Parents/Youth - Meet a young man who has been vegan since birth. Find out what it’s like and get tips for making the most of it. Visit a school that is all plant-based and learn about an amazing new vegan children’s book.

Travel - Check out 4 amazing destinations in Colorado. Where to stay, where to dine, and what to do for fun and exercise is included as always in our travel guide.

And more!

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