Korin Sutton – 3X Pro Vegan Bodybuilder

Korin Sutton - 3X Pro Vegan Bodybuilder/ Master Fitness Trainer and Health Coach

I have been vegan for about six years now, and ever since making that decision, I have been really busy helping others change their lives for the better. Through my business BodyHD Fitness, based in Florida, I have been conducting online training through my 12-Week Transformation Program. Through this online personalized training, I have been helping people transform their bodies, health, and mindsets for overall wellness. I love helping others achieve health goals—and helping them change for good.

Changing someone’s lifestyle takes a lot of time and patience. I spend a lot of time designing meal plans, especially for my clients who are not vegan. I create plans that help them all consume more of a plant-based diet. My methods have been very successful. Showing off the results of the plant-based nutrition I recommend through pictures and testimonials is very persuasive.

I have also been speaking at many veg festivals and events, as well as those at colleges. Some recent examples are Tampa Bay Veg Fest, Florida Atlantic University, Broward College, Solutionary Event Festival, and many more.

I enjoy teaching others the health benefits of plant-based foods, and especially showing them that they will get plenty of protein from a vegan diet. I also make sure to teach the difference between complex and simple carbs, as well as good and bad fats.

Even with the improvements happening in so many people’s lives these days with veganism on the rise, there are some vegans that are not really making the healthiest choices. My presentation really gives people the information they need, so that if they are interested in going vegan, they can do it the right way. My next presentation will be at Villus, Lithuania for their first Veg Fest.

"I love helping others achieve their health goals — helping each one change their lifestyle for good."

This will be my first international speaking presentation. I am so proud to see how veganism is spreading worldwide. I am grateful to the organizers, Vente Viteikatie and Paulius Paulauskas, who have started hosting events where I can teach that it’s possible to eat plants and build muscle!

Currently I am working with the Vegan Strong Team with pro racecar driver Leilani Münter, bodybuilder and author Robert Cheeke, bodybuilder Ryan Nelson, Chef Jason Stefano, and many more at NASCAR events. We are on tour supporting Leilani as she drives and competes.

At the races, we are educating people about healthy plant-based options. This is one of America’s biggest spectator sports with an audience that is not normally exposed to information about vegan foods. With the support of sponsors like Impossible Foods, Miyoko’s Kitchen, and Follow Your Heart, we pass out delicious samples of vegan foods. 

We inform people that you can have fun and eat comfort foods in a healthier way. We also explain that by eating this healthier option, you are helping the environment and animals too. I notice that the demographic of this sport attracts a lot of people who consume meat. I have even met quite a few cattle ranchers and farmers in the crowd. But once they are introduced to these better alternative options, and learn more about them, many people are convinced that they need to add more plant-based foods to their diets. We are changing lives out there, and that feels great.


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