Meet the American Designer and Skateboarder behind EXTRA MARKET, INC

photo by Giovanni Reda

Most are familiar with Jamie Story through his creative work with his clothing and accessories brand $ in 2004 which has been worn by many well-known faces.

photo by @sdj

Story grew up just outside of and has spent the majority of his life skateboarding in NYC. His skills caught the attention of Zoo York and Independent, among others who sponsored him.

After high school, he moved to Brooklyn where he immersed himself in the downtown NYC art world. Art and music were, and still are, his passion. He started working with brands such as Supreme, SSUR and created LP covers for Wu Tang Clan, Big L, and more. Eventually he took his creative work to Los Angeles.

Story’s most recent creative endeavor? A new plant-based cafe, market, and gallery called EXTRA MARKET, INC, located in the famed Fairfax/Beverly Grove district of Los Angeles.

Jamie Story is no stranger to the restaurant world. Growing up he worked in a variety of kitchens. He has been making most of the dishes on the menu for his family for years.

I was initially nervous to have others outside of my family and friends try my food, but the feedback has been good,” says Story. “The creative process behind developing recipes and cooking is very similar to that of the process behind many of my designs. I really enjoy it.”

photo by Jamie Story

The fan-favorite item on the menu has been the Single, a plant-based take on the classic American cheeseburger. "We wanted to replicate the flavors of a classic American cheeseburger, not hide it with all types of toppings. People have been surprised it is plant-based which is exciting. We've been told it tastes like the burgers they would eat growing up, which was the goal," says Story.

I have had plenty of meat eaters come in, and I wait to tell them everything is plant-based until they finish their meal,” he says. “When I tell them, they are shocked. I hope to continue to educate my customers on the importance of kindness and the treatment of animals, and am proud to show them that plant-based eating is delicious.”

Story is known for his collaborations in the design world, and he is bringing those skills to his menu. Be on the lookout for exciting new menu items rotating out every other month as collaborations with some of LA’s favorite restaurants, chefs and friends.

In addition to unique partnerships, EXTRA MARKET’s menu stands-out with its wide-variety of healthy sides and salads. Most burger shops do not offer much past the standard burger/fries/soda combo, leaving many customers feeling unhealthy and guilty.

photo by Jamie Story

I am excited to bring healthier, plant-based options to the block. You can enjoy a burger with a side of broccoli salad, or chili-cheese fries with a caesar salad. A combination of indulgence and health,” says Story. “We also carry pressed juices and wellness shots.”

The space is not only a restaurant and marketplace, but a gallery space as well. EXTRA will collaborate with artists and brands to create exclusive and limited projects with veteran and up and coming creatives. Think art and photography, fashion, video installations, events and more. Located behind the restaurant section, this portion is not yet open to the public due to the pandemic.

Story faced tough obstacles prior to launching, with a plan to open in March of 2020, but the pandemic hit. “Our final food inspection was scheduled for the day the entire city of Los Angeles shut down,” says Story. “The timing was unbelievable.”

The city of Los Angeles eventually gave restaurants the green light to reopen mid May (with strict protocols in place of course), and immediately following the announcement, the Fairfax District of Los Angeles faced looters that took advantage of the George Flyod protests. Story's space was left untouched, but some of his neighbors were not as fortunate.

A friend called me around lunchtime, the day of the protest. I had no clue they were about to march up our street. I rushed over to seal up a ceiling door,” says Story. “The block will recover. We are not seeing the amount of foot traffic we normally would as most of the block is still boarded up. 2020 has been a crazy ride.”

photo by Benjamin Story

However Story remains optimistic. “We are doing really well, all things considered,” he says. “We are getting repeat customers; employees who work on the block, and locals who live nearby. We are getting good word of mouth and social media shouts. We hope to start serving breakfast soon.”

EXTRA MARKET, INC. is located at 457 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036, and is available for pick-up and delivery. For more information please visit or IG @extramarketinc.


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