Suzanna McGee

Suzanna McGee

Suzanna’s focus is on functional fitness for sports, life, or just plain well-being. She has worked with professional athletes, youth, and seniors (up to 86 years of age). She focuses on re-creating balance in the body, where it has been compromised by sports and lifestyle challenges, and preventing future overuse injuries and problems.

Suzanna uses kettlebells, Kamagon, TRX, BOSU, macebell and other functional equipment. She is an expert in plant-based nutrition and will help you with your nutrition for performance and weight loss. Suzanna is the author of “Tennis Fitness for the Love of it: a Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury-Free Tennis” available worldwide, and the forthcoming “Athlete’s Simple Guide to Plant-Based Lifestyle”. She believes that everything is possible, with persistence and discipline.

Credentials & Training
Performance enhancement specialist (PES) and corrective exercise specialist (CES) by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Plant-based nutrition specialist by eCornell University
Athletic Accomplishments
Ms. Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Champion, nationally ranked tennis player, artistic rollerblading champion
Rate (range)
Venice Beach, California, USA