Bodybuilding Competition Prep Coach

Anthony DiNobile

I help with physique contest prep coaching, nutritional recommendations, cardio recommendations, supplementation recommendations.

Credentials & Training: Certified Personal Trainer
Athletic Accomplishments: 9/1989 ANBC New England Bodybuilding Championships 1st place Junior Men’s Tall, 9/1991 ANBC New England Bodybuilding Championships 3rd place Junior Men’s Tall, 7/2012 NPC Arizona Open 4th place Open Men’s Masters, 8/2012 OCB Arizona Natural 4th place Open, 5th Place Open Men’s Masters
Rate (range): $150 month
Phone Number: 480-710-9648
Location: Mesa, AZ
Krissy Adams-Schofield

Giving others the gift of health and fitness is my passion with over 8-years experience in helping hundreds of clients transform their lives through exercise and balanced nutrition. I enjoy teaching others the benefits of plant-based diets and how to incorporate easy and delicious vegan recipes into their lifestyles through my blog, 30-Day Challenges and e-books offered at I also offer customized meal plans, workout programs and online competition coaching to female clients all over the world.

Credentials & Training: Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer & Competition Prep Coach
Athletic Accomplishments: WBFF Bikini PRO, Published Fitness & Cover Model
Rate (range): $150/hr
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lori Graham

Currently in the midst of completing a plant-based nutrition course through eCornell and then will begin the Health Coach Training Program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Specializes in physique transformations and show prep coaching.

Credentials & Training: Certified Personal Trainer (Bosu, SB, and Kettlebell Certified), and Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Athletic Accomplishments: 15 year veteran to training, Athletic Trainer for a local, Rep youth soccer team (3 years in a row), recreational soccer player, competed in Figure in 2009 to further my knowledge in the sport.
Rate (range): Starting rate for personalized, goal specific meal plans-100.00 US/Cndn
Location: Canadian Ex-pat (Toronto area) currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia
Moe Aljuboori

I am a passionate, plant based Strength Coach that focuses on helping people realize their true potential and achieve their goals, I have developed expertise in the human body in terms of performance, health, strength and conditioning, aesthetics, and nutrition. I take a holistic approach regarding the lifestyle, nutrition, and training with my clients, my desire is to help all my clients to live a more fulfilled life. A life that is; healthy, injury and pain free. Helping them be physically strong, physically mobile, highly energized, minimal in stress, and ultimately happy.

Credentials & Training: NASM PT & Nutrition, CrossFit Lvl-1, CrossFit Mobility, ISSN Nutrition Expert, The Power Athlete Cert., Brute Strength Nutrition seminar, Charles Poliquin Program Design course
Athletic Accomplishments: High School Basketball Player, Played different sports throughout life. Weightlifting, Sports Performance training.
Rate (range): Contact for rates, I offer both online, in person training, and semi-group training.
Location: Houston, Texas
Samantha Shorkey

I am a vegan personal trainer/competition coach & author of Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant Based Fuel for Vegan Athletes.

Credentials & Training: ACE-certified personal trainer
Athletic Accomplishments: In my very first fitness competition in 2013, I won first place against all meat eaters in an untested show. One year later, I won first place, bikini overall and my WNBF pro card at the Naturally Fit Games in Austin, Texas.
Rate (range): $50/hr session or $150/four week prep
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Vegan Muscle & Fitness/Root Force Personal Training, LLC

We offer one-on-one training, meal and workout routines, an online video library, and 12-week group personal training sessions designed to meet your goal! 

Credentials & Training: Derek Tresize is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Max Seabrook is an A.C.T. Certified Personal Trainer
Athletic Accomplishments: Derek is a two-time natural bodybuilding champion and has competed in powerlifting, bodybuilding, martial arts, and track and field. Marcella is also a competitive bodybuilder with one second-place finish as well as a semi-professional belly dancer. Both are members of Team Plantbuilt! Max is a physique competitor as well.
Rate (range): Group and one one-on one training ranges from $30/week - $150/month and packages range from $135 - $400
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Will Tucker

BodyFuzion Transformation Center is a one-of-a-kind semi-private training facility. We specialize in Group Functional Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Weight Management & Plant-Based Nutrition.  Workouts are in small groups of up to 5 persons at a time. Each workout is 45 minutes in length, consisting of compound, multi-joint movements designed to boost metabolism, burn body fat and build lean muscle.  

Credentials & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Athletic Accomplishments: 2011 OCB Arizona Natural 1st Place Men’s Open, 2011 OCB Arizona Natural Men’s Master 40+ 1st Place, 2011 OCB Arizona Natural Men’s Master Overall Champion, 2013 Naturally Fit Supershow 1st Place Men’s Master 40+, 2013 Naturally Fit Supershow Men’s Master Overall Champion
Website Address:
Rate (range): as low as $15 per session
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
Yolanda Presswood

I am passionate about helping to inspire others on their journey to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. My programs offer tools that can be applied long after a client has spent time with me. My goal is to keep my clients motivated in celebrating each and every accomplishment no matter how small. Most of my clients are remote so I can work with you from anywhere to help you reach your goals!

Credentials & Training: ISSA CFT , life experience in fitness and health
Athletic Accomplishments: Published cover model Vegan Health and Fitness magazine PlantBuilt Special Edition 2013, 2nd place in Masters 35+ 7 Feathers Classic 2013
Website Address:
Rate (range): $50-$500
Location: Riverside, CA